Friday, May 12, 2006

Now, it's time to affect social change!

Yesterday was a bright and sunny day in Jl. Balitung. A crowd of people had a chat under a big white tent. They were having tea, coffee, and light snacks. Some of them were having a serious discussion. I heard somebody was talking about education in Indonesia, while others were circling around an electronic braille-machine. Yet, a burst of laughter could also be heard among the crowd.

Yes, there was an event at our office. Maverick was conducting a media briefing in its cozy garden. The briefing was aimed to share about the emerging corporate social leadership (CSL) concepts with the journalists. During the briefing, we also introduced our own CSL activity. Nowadays, companies should be actively participating in affecting positive change within society. Companies are part of the society, too…

For those interested to further explore about CSL, please refer to my op-ed article published in Suara Pembaruan on the same day. You can click the following link.

Ong Hock Chuan, Technical Advisor from Maverick, was in the briefing to talk about the basic concept of corporate social leadership. Lita Soenardi, Partner in Maverick, was also present to share with the audience about how Maverick has implemented the program. Since CSL principle asks a company to align its social program with its business core competence, Maverick has decided to give communication capacity building training to the needy non-profit organisations.

Our first beneficiary was Yayasan Mitra Netra. For a year, Yayasan Mitra Netra was receiving our thorough training. We expect that the acquired knowledge and skill will help them to achieve their objectives and will generate more support from wider public.

Aria Indrawati, public relations from Yayasan Mitra Netra was also present among the panel speakers. She shared with the audience about the benefit she gained from attending the training.

Among others who attended the briefing were Amna S. Kusumo, Director of Yayasan Kelola-Arts, and Riswan Lapagu, Director of Centre for Betterment of Education (CBE). These two non-profit institutions are the next participants of our training for this year.

So, who says SMEs cannot do community empowerment?

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