Saturday, June 03, 2006

When Eyes Talk

If you are giving a lecture, what can be more rewarding than getting critical questions and starry eyes of the students that actually indicate their brains are processing the information they receive from the lecturer?

My friend, who is an MBA lecturer in several top universities in Jakarta, called me couple of days ago. He said that he would like to invite me to speak about Corporate Social Leadership (CSL) in his Organizational Behavioural class at Tarumanegara University’s MBA program this Saturday.

I was so excited. This was actually a golden opportunity for me to have a discussion with MBA students about a new concept that all Mavericks believe it should go mainstream: CSL

This morning I went to the University and delivered the presentation – after circling around the university looking for a parking slot (gosh, the university is being renovated, and it was so difficult to find empty parking slot there!). During the presentation, I outlined the ‘history’ of social activities conducted by corporations throughout the time. It was all started long time ago when those rich people started to donate some of his/her money to social foundations. Afterwards, I continued to explain about the CSR and CSL. I also exemplified some CSR and CSL cases.

There were some interesting questions the students raised. For example, a student asked about how to avoid culture of dependency and how to shift into a new corporate-community relationship when such dependency occurs. Some students also raised his/her skepticism on a do-good company. How can a company be good if their intention is actually to get profit as high as they can! Other students posed a challenge to CSR as a voluntary activity and believed that government should regulate this domain.

We had this kind of discussion for about two hours. It was so rich and fruitful. At the end, students went out of the class with their own conclusion in mind. But it was so good to see them exchanging arguments about CSR, and see those starry eyes – their eyes talk!

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