Thursday, July 20, 2006

What's with Corporate Blog?

I just went into Technorati and searched for Maverick's blog out of curiosity. At the very top of the results is a blog post titled "Apa itu Corporate Blog?" or "What is a Corporate Blog?" written by Nukman Luthfie.

His definition of a Corporate Blog is:
a blog that is written, published, and supported by a corporation or organization to achieve a certain objective. From a marketing-communications standpoint, the corporate blog strengthens the bond with the target market and also the company's image as an expert in a particular field. This blog falls into this category. A similar breakthrough has been done by a well-known Indonesian PR consultancy firm Maverick with its corporate blog. Others who've done so include Virus Communications and Hermawan Kertajaya.

Virus Communications and Nukman's Virtual Consulting are both under PT Virtual Media Nusantara. Virtual Consulting runs the "Blog Internet Marketing Indonesia".... Hmmm... Sounds familiar doesn't it Mavs?

Thanks to Nukman for the post. Please do check out our blog periodically because this won't be just another corporate blog, but simply one kick ass blog

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