Friday, July 07, 2006

Zinedine Zidane from ‘Les Bleus’

Two steps backward, he looked directly into the eyes of the Portugal goalie, then looking down at the ball as if he was showing, directing and telling it where to roll. Calmly and with confidence, his skillful penalty shot at the 33rd minutes of the game against Portugal, Zinedine Zidane, the captain of the French football team delivered a golden-goal bringing the “Les Bleus” to the World Cup final.

Zidane and Les Bleus have been the talk of the World Cup since the team beat Brazil last Saturday. During that game, Zizou gave no chance for the Brazilians to catch up with him. At 34 years of age Zidane has shown his best football, which some people refer to as ‘magical performance’ on the field. The fans, and myself included of course, just simply can’t stop talking and adoring him. He plays the ball gracefully like a ballerina performing on stage. He looked, and demanded the ball at every opportunity. Amazing. Very entertaining.

Zizou is a great football player with a humble personality, calm character and mature attitude that has made him the star of the world Cup 2006. He has gained respect from his friends in Les Blues team, as well as from his opponents on the field. Simply, there is no way for people not to love him.

He started playing football when he was a little boy. He was not known to be the best player among his friends in the field but he was certainly the most persistent who never gave up learning to become a better player. Little Zizou would stay in the field after a game and try to learn tricks with the ball while his friends had gone home.

Now Zinedine Zidane has completed his master of a great football player. Not only that, he has become the ‘leading light’ in the World Cup Soccer field. After the game against Brazil, he showed genuine compassion to the losing opponents. He touched Lucio’s cheek and soothed Ze Roberto’ hair who lay on the ground crying, comforting them. Robinho squeezed him on the neck like a little baby not wanting to be separated from his mom. For him, Zidane is the ‘hero’ from whom he must learn so much before achieving the same level and become a football legend. After defeating Portugal, he put the t-shirt of Portugal Team Captain, Luis Figo on himself during the exchange. For me who’s been watching the games, those are rare scenes in this season of World Cup.

So, what it is for me as a PR person, the lessons learned? - That is, just like Zidane in mastering football, to be good in Public Relations requires many qualities, heart, determination, organization, and application; and more than anything else, it requires class.

Zinedine Zidane is definitely at a class of his own.

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