Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Mav's: Ong is Blogger of the Week

Maverick’s Ong Hock Chuan has been named Blogger Indonesia’s Blogger of the Week by A. Fatih Syuhud, the man behind the Blogger Indonesia blog. Fatih showed Ong the ropes when he just started his adventure in the blogosphere. We'd like to thank Fatih for this because at a point in his early blogging months, Ong accidentally deleted Maverick's blog!

Joining in on this thank-fest, we'd also like to thank Ong for encouraging the Mavericks to blog more, constantly preaching the gospel of Blog which has shown significant results, breaking us through even more from the clutter.

And this week, Fatih is honoring Ong for his writing and how his postings in unspun have attracted lots of attention:

the Indonesian bloggers will never be no where near a kind of influence the conventional media has, until and unless the person like Ong and others like him are also engaging in blogging activities.

Ong, of course, has blogged his acceptance speech in unspun.

Earlier in July, A. Fatih Syuhud awarded the Maverick blog as Blogger of the Week

We're definitely on a roll!

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