Tuesday, August 01, 2006

New English-language papers to compete with The Jakarta Post

Last week we saw the birth of a local newspaper called The President Post, who we thought was going to compete with The Jakarta Post. Yet after reading it, perhaps they were merely aiming to be the number one English-language paper in Kota Jababeka. That doesn’t look like such a difficult task since the paper’s content is mostly on Kota Jababeka, as Ong has written and criticized in his unspun blog. And yes, The President Post currently looks like a JABABEKA internal newsletter in newspaper format.

unspun also wrote that a real contender will enter the ring sooner than expected. This English-language newspaper will be called The Point and Riris Irawati, a senior journalist, will be running point.

Let’s hope this one will actually turn out good.

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