Monday, September 11, 2006

Maverick bloggers engage ... in real-time and real life

It's great to finally be able to put a face on a name. In this case, a very famous Indonesian blog. Priyadi Iman Nurcahyo claims to be just "an ordinary human being living in Depok, Indonesia", which he states on the main page of his world-famous blog.

Last Saturday, Ong, Lita, Hanny, former Maverick Eva, and myself attended this Advanced Blogger workshop at the IndoComtech 2006 exhibition at the Jakarta Convention Center.

Mbak Lita and Eva were so enthusiastic to attend that they came at 12:45 to the classroom (well, since we registered just a day before, I asked everyone to come early just to secure our spots in the workshop).

The workshop was certainly useful, as I was quite ignorant of blogging in wordpress, and had no idea that wordpress actually has a free software to download that works as a blog page editor. Pretty cool stuff though, especially with the widgets.

However, CHIP Magazine (the organizer) didn't seem to be very prepared and the flow of the workshop in the beginning was too slow. We actually had to wait long for WinRAR to be installed in the computers before we could actually do much with the wordpress software. We hope that next time such workshop would be more efficient.

Here's a group picture that we took after the workshop. I stole this from earlier. Btw, Priyadi is the one wearing the khaki jackect.

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