Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sandrina Malakiano is still here!

This former colleague of mine claims that she has been having difficulties getting "gigs" after she's officially out of MetroTV. We must wonder why, because most of us know of her so well: we know about her marriage life, and most of us can imitate the way she pronounce "MA-LA-KEEA-NO".

Well, if you've been following the story, I am sure you've heard all about the story behind her "disappearance" from the TV screen. Not seeing her on MetroTV is quite a loss to many viewers as she practically was THE FACE of MetroTV since its beginning (the other face would be that of the bearded one).

In the beginning of the year, MetroTV got so many inquiries regarding the "no-veil on air" issue, and their answer at the time was that Sandrina was taking a long leave to join her husband Eep, who was leaving to obtain higher education in Germany. Well, everyone bought this story (including me) and thought Sandrina had gone bye bye. Apparently, this was not true (or at least didn't play out that way, as Eep never left and Sandrina claimed that she has always been around).

I remember one day in a very internal meeting at MetroTV, a man with the initial DBS who at the time was Editor-in-Chief, said that Sandrina is too closely associated with MetroTV that other TV stations probably wouldn't want to hire her as an anchor. There's probably some truth to that, but I personally feel that Sandrina in the post-veil era has a different persona and that "hard-news" image is gradually fading. And from talking to her, it seems that the change is something that she wanted as she aims to be a "freelance show-host".

In the coming month of Ramadhan, Sandrina will be seen hosting a couple of Ramadhan shows on various TV stations. And looking at the Ramadhan trend in the past years, there's so many gig opportunities (and hard cash) to take, as celebrities with "Islamic-image" will be so high in demand to be: hosts, MCs, celebrity guests on countless off-air events and tv/radio programs.

She also said that she plans to hold a "Hello?? I'm Still Here!" press conference in a very near future (most possibly before the start of Ramadhan). This, in my opinion, is just a great way to secure a LOT MORE gigs in Ramadhan.

So what's really the problem, Sandrina?

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