Friday, September 29, 2006

The Maverick Blog got people sweating... just a bit

Several weeks ago, a Maverick blogger wrote about how a major media group is planning to buy one of the very few surviving lifestyle & entertainment portal in Indonesia after receiving the information from an insider.

Earlier this week, she received a prank call... (well, she actually got a very polite call from her source, but that's not too juicy, is it?) asking her to remove the posting from our blog, because it was causing a rather uncomfortable situation for some parties.

The source explained, that the man from the media group (who has the same initial as Steven Spielberg's film in the early 80s about some alien creature) became uneasy after he was asked by a journalist regarding the takeover plan. When he asked the journalist for the source of the inquiry, then the journalist mentioned (drum roll please.... ) The Maverick Blog.

So, we've taken out the posting "temporarily", as the source said that these days are the crucial days in negotiations, and that the posting would somehow affect it. I assure you that it will back once an announcement is made.

We certainly hope that the move will benefit the portal and revive it to full potential. And to the man from the media group: Relax, mate... it's just a blog.