Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Gamekeper Steve Irwin's Very Last TV Shoot

Yes, we were all shocked to hear that the great "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin died from his injuries after his chest was punctured by the tail of a stingray, during a shooting of his TV show off of Australia's north coast. It was reported that Irwin had pulled out the poisonous barb out of his chest, but the blow proved to be lethal.

The show "Crocodile Hunter" and Steve Irwin has inspired us all. He made us appreciate nature like no one ever before with his typical comments such as "This is such a beautiful poisonous snake" in heavy Australian accent.

Irwin was a super human figure who we thought only existed in fictional stories and comic books, but earlier this week it was indeed proven that he is merely human.

His show was also copied by others. All of a sudden, there were numerous animal-adventure (is that a correct term for this genre?) show with fun n crazy hosts. Yet we all still loved Irwin's show more than others.

The Indonesian televison industry, is also known for making "adaptation" programs that are somehow "inspired by" or "accidentally similar to" shows from western television. When the original Fear Factor Indonesia was running in RCTI, TransTV also had a similar show which even had an interestingly similar bumper. However both shows didn't last long due to bad ratings. Perhaps they should have packaged the shows in Dangdut format to boost the rating. One thing for sure, the copies surely can trim down the costs . TV Stations or the Production Studios don't have to pay for the licence on the co-production to the guys such as Becker, Fremantle, etc.

Cutting costs is one thing, but most tend to also cut costs in areas that are most important and concerns the safety and well-being of the crew. When MetroTV reporter Meutya Hafid and cameraman Budiyanto was kidnapped in Iraq, it was simply a lack of preparation and safety precaution for the team of 2. Of course most people were too immersed with the whole hostage drama that was played out for months after the incident. TV7's Jejak Petualang travel-adventure show team went missing several months ago. Perhaps this could have been prevented if the team was better equipped and funded, with a pre-taping advance team to survey the area.

A professional such as Steve Irwin, who must have a highly professional team with a huge production budget, died during a regular shoot. Should our people care more, or is "modal nekat" enough here?

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