Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Point is FINALLY here! But where?

The Mavericks have long waited for the first edition of The Point, the newest English-language paper in Indonesia and it was finally out last Monday, 2 October 2006.

But was it? We were so curious about this newspaper so we really put our resources out there to obtain the first edition of this paper, yet this effort was to no avail... They were nowhere to be found at any newstands.

On Tuesday, Maverick's Ari called up The Point and specifically ask for it. The Point then took the initiative to send several copies of Monday and Tuesday's edition to the Maverick HQ. Apparently, the first editions of the paper are only distributed in "limited circulation", they claimed, which included just embassies and no newstands.

Well, we hope that The Point will grow to be an alternative English-language newspaper in Indonesia. But our questions are: Who's gonna read it? Will it just take parts of the pie off of The Jakarta Post?

What's your thought?


tere616 said...

Don't worry. I'll read it. Have the intention to subscribe after read the ad at Kompas Daily. But as usual, after came to the office, forgot all that kind of things.

BTW, have you got the phone number or email address ? Lost it somewhere.

Yasha said...

Hi tere616.... Thanks for the comment and let us know how you compare The Point with The Jakarta Post. The Point can be reached at 021 7243533 or email them at

blognyagiriniy said...

hi friends,u can find The Point @ several outlet of Starbucks,starting this week we'll be hit on newstand & bookstore
thanks guys 4 ur attention...

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