Thursday, November 30, 2006

Maverick Click of the Week #3: Hera Diani's yap yap yap yap

This week's Maverick Click of the Week is the blog of Hera Diani of the Jakarta Post entitled "Yap yap yap yap yap..."
I've known Hera for a while, she's also been with TJP as long as I've known her and I have been her online buddy on another blogging network called Multiply. However, for our Click of the Week, Hera was nominated by Maverick's ALit who wrote this about her:

I enjoy her easy writings for any topics of her life; from Malaysian movie director, journalist role model, her point of view foreign journos, and of course her first few days in Honolulu. The rest of her postings are pretty simple with nice story package that makes the readers enjoy in reading it.
The blog design and lay out is quite simple with several pics for certain postings.

Hera's piece on violence against women activist was on the front page of TJP last Tuesday. Meanwhile her latest posting was on "Being a Muslim.. sort of" which tells a story about her choice in "faith".

Hera recently took the Jefferson Fellowship scholarship program in Honolulu, Tokyo, and some other countries, and you can also check out her blog for pictures of her journey.

Here's a picture of her in a karaoke joint. From the look, it looks like it was taken in Japan... But who knows, it coulda been taken somewhere in Kota.. ha ha

Congratulations, Hera!


hera said...

Very good, Maverick.. Very media savvy.. This is way better than bombarding us with endless press releases or invitations to some unimportant events :P Guess, it's not so dark after all, huh, Yash? hehe.

Anyway, thanks for picking my blog. As a 'banci tampil', I can't say that this doesn't mean anything to me.
I hope more and more journalists will be blogging, cause they have far more interesting insights and experiences than those appeared in their media, and especially far more interesting than my yapping.


P.S. You got that right, Yash. The pic was not taken in Japan :) But not in Kota either (I should try one of those though). It's in Happy Puppy karaoke in Fatmawati. Tacky name and interior design, but they have awesome song lists!

Yasha said...

Yeah, I HEARD that the shady karaoke joints are better! ha ha ha...

Do count me in when you go. Ask Mr Tony Hotland to come along and we'll judge how good he is with his U2 songs.

So Hera, are you already thinking of crossing over?