Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Maverick's Click of the Week #1: Ngomongin Apa Aja

This week, we are officially launching the Maverick Click of the Week for those cool and informative journalist blogs.

The Clicks of the Week are nominated by the people at Maverick and picked by the Maverick blog committee. We believe that these blogs are worth highlighting and that you guys should also click and check em out.

For the first Click of The Week, we present you the blog of Sri Nanang Setiyono entitled: Ngomongin Apa Aja . Nanang is an Indo Pos journalist who has been on assignment in th Banten province for 4 months. Nanang was nominated by Hanny of Maverick, and here is Hanny's reason for nominating Nanang:
The title of this blog is NGOMONGIN APA AJA. I’m interested in the layout of this blog, because it’s really fresh and clean—and your eyes won’t get tired reading the postings. The title really reflects this blog, because Nanang writes about everything—about journalism, tourism, life, humor, movies, even short stories.

The most interesting post is the one where he relates mathematical theorem with journalism. A very intersting look into journalism from a different perspectives. On the other part of the blog, he also write about this movie called Shattered Glass, a movie about journalism—which sounds interesting, and probably we should watch it together :)
Nanang's most recent blog post is "Awas! Racun itu Bernama Amplop is his critique on the journalist profession in Indonesia, an occupation which he explained has only existed in Indonesia for less than a century.

Here's a nice quote from his posting:
Wartawan dan perusahaan media harus diyakinkan bahwa,
menerima amplop adalah meracuni pikiran.
Perhaps media companies should also select better candidates for their journalist candidates, train them periodically, and pay them more in salary...


Nanang said...

Thanks for your appreciation.

Yasha said...

Terimakasih juga atas karya blog nya...