Monday, November 27, 2006

Maverick's Sekred Gathering 2006

Every year Maverick conducts a SekRed Gathering in a way to express our gratitude for the support of Sekretaris Redaksi of our media friends. They play an important role in media, as they are they're the first people in media that we talk to when we invite reporters to cover our events.

This is Maverick's 2nd year of in conducting a SekRed Gathering. Last year, the event was done during the month of Ramadhan. This year, we offer something different and we decided to present a casual talk show. Alexander Sriewijono, a prominent psychologist who has his own slot in O-Channel and Cosmopolitan radio and magazine, led the talk show and spoke about “Energizing your working life” as the topic. Over 30 Sekretaris Redaksi attended the gathering that was held in Batula Resto in Blok M area. They were so excited and some of them said that Maverick is the only PR consultancy that cares for them.

That night, after talk show followed by dinner and chat, the gathering was closed by series of games. Congratz to Dewi from Nova who won a shiny new iPod nano!! (She also had stunned the audience by her stage act as an Astronaut changing a tire)

So.. thank you all for coming.. See you all next year!

Indri - Ketua Panitia Maverick's SekRed

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