Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Tiring Writing Competition for Journos

There are ways for clients to develop better relationships with journalists, and writing contests USED TO BE one of the more popular ones.

Many PR firms have continually submitted such proposal, including us. Recently a prospective client complained to us that they always get it and they're quite sick of it. Some journalists have talked to us about these and said that there's just too many writing contests, and the prizes are not too significant either. Soon, the trophy or plaque for the winners will just become those dusty items that will take up space on one's desk. One of the journalists say that he's more interested to participate if the grand prize was something in the form of a scholarship to study abroad for a Masters degree, for example.

Yet the point we're trying to make, especially for those who do what we do:

Stop recommending writing competitions to your clients!
When it's their idea, just say NO (in a nice client servicey way, that is).


Yasha said...

Is it a coincidence or is the trend really that bad?

A friend of mine contacted me earlier asking for some simple translation for words such as Juara Harapan.

So I asked "What is it for?"
She replied "We're doing this Writing Competition... blah blah..."
I said "Aaaaaaaaaaarrrgggh!!!"

dodi said...

the lousiest part of this writing competition thing is the term that says the journalist's article must be published on the media he/she is working for.

not the best trick to get a media coverage!