Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Maverick's Click of the Week #4: A Platonic World

The Maverick Click of the Week has come to its 4th week and it’s really cool that we’ve received great responses from everyone.

And this week, Mavericks pick the blog of Agung Harsya, a journalist from FourFourTwo magazine, entitled “A Platonic World”.

The blog was nominated by Maverick’s Awie who had this to say about the blog:

From “A Platonic World,” we can see a plain perspective in looking at life, at the world. “Entahlah... Makin dipikirkan, makin terasa seperti belenggu,” write the platonic man on his 26th birthday.

Easy reading comes with a soft lay out. In the midst of tight deadlines, I say, most of everyone of us can venture to the Platonic World and read a bit. It wouldn’t weary your eyes, hopefully it would brighten up your vision.

I personally would like to see more pictures in Platonic World, but I do completely agree with Awie that the blog is a nice and easy read. His last posting is a review of the film “Looking for Comedy in Muslim World”, which I thought would have been nice if there were a picture of the film’s poster on it (without violating any copyrights, that is).

Yet his other postings are mostly on life and how lives it as the “Platonic Man”. And of course they’re quite abstract to actually put a relevant image on it, so Agung Harsya pictures them with his words.

Cheers, Agung Harsya…

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