Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Maverick's Click of the Week #6 : Budi Boga

One of the things that the outside world does not know about Mavericks is that WE LIKE TO EAT. So when we ask our friends in the media out to lunch, it’s also because we love to indulge ourselves in different culinary experiences. Therefore, for this week’s Maverick Click of the Week, we pick the blog of Budi Sutomo (the name sounds like one of the forefathers of Indonesia, doesn’t it?) entitled Gizi & Kuliner by Budi. I personally prefer to call the blog as Budi Boga. It seems catchier that way.

The Budi Boga blog was nominated by Shilla of Maverick, who definitely loves to eat, especially spicy foods. In fact, I think her consumption ratio per meal is about 2:3 (2 for chili sauce or past to 3 for the actual meal). This is her reason for picking Budi Sutomo’s blog as Maverick Click of the Week:

I pick You ask why? Because we share the same passion: food and culinary! =)
Budi is currently an editor of the diet and nutrition column in Dokter Kita magazine. He had also written 15 recipe books. His books were published by the Gramedia Group.
He also had been the culinary editor of Kartini.

Since it was first launched on April 2006, the blog has over 58 thousand hits! Some of his postings were also published in magazines and tabloids.

Not only that Budi posted his recipes, he also posted interesting writings on diet and nutrition.
Better still, he wrote his travel experiences and accompanied his postings with photos of mouth watering food... Yumm...

I reckon he could be the next Jamie Oliver!

Budi had actually asked us on our blog to be invited to one of the press events that we help organize. So far we haven’t found the right one for him, but for now we have found that his blog is worthy for our Click of the Week. Perhaps Budi would like to come by our office as a guest for our Sharing Session on one Friday, and share with us his knowledge on some tasty nutritious foods. Please bring some food when you do come ya, Mas Budi.. ha ha

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