Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Larger than Ekskul

The whole FFI fiasco is getting more interesting as the mainstream media have been picking it up, not just the infotainment shows. Yesterday morning I took time to watch the Bayu show on Liputan6 Pagi SCTV where Mira Lesmana as a representative of the Masyarakat Film Indonesia (MFI) duked it out with Remy Silado, jury of the FFI. Tonight, let’s watch it again in SCTV’s Topik Minggu Ini.

At a glance, this might seem like a battle between the young filmmakers against their seniors. The seniors, in this case, happened to be represented by those who were members of the FFI jury, which had created the controversy when they picked the film Ekskul as Best Picture in the recent FFI awards show.

Last Wednesday the MFI held a press conference in which members and past winners of the Piala Citra returned their trophies in protest of the victory of the film “Ekskul” an Indika Films production. They claimed that the movie, besides other factors, have illegally used original score (that’s usually the orchestra music in a movie) from movies such as Gladiator and Munich (by composer John Williams and Hans Zimmer).

The battle between the young filmmakers (according to many media, although Mira Lesmana is actually 40) vs the veterans, reached another level when critically acclaimed veteran actor/director/producer Deddy Mizwar also joined the “movement” and returned his Citra trophy. Suddenly it’s not so much of a young vs old battle.

This morning, I saw a “creative” infotainment program comparing film clips of the movies “Ekskul” and “Munich” containing the same part of the musical score, to prove that the local production did use the music of the latter. Of course, no production company or composer was credited during the public viewing (usually done by placing a credit title at the bottom of the screen, such as “Munich - Courtesy of Universal Pictures”). I also wonder if international music publishing companies (with local reps here) will do more of this and start legal battles with the media who illegally use their copyrighted products.

So I recently spoke to a member of the MFI, who really was trying to straighten out the news, that this whole movement is NOT about the protest to get Shanker BS of Indika Entertainment return the Best Picture Citra trophy, but rather to reform the local regulation on films, filmmaking, censorships, etc. so that Indonesia ultimately can advance culturally through the film medium.

I guess the general public will never really understand what exactly is going on in that industry unless the media starts touching more on the real issues rather than just the most controversial aspects of it. The MFI has received much attention by having Indonesia’s top young actors and actresses on their side and giving up their trophies, but so far, the public attention has not been on the broader issues that they want to bring up to the surface. The Mavs are just really curious on the communication strategy of the MFI to reach their objective.

Let’s just see how this circus turns out.


Septian said...

i still love ekskul

dauz said...

This is very insightful, Yas. Thanks for writing it down.

Kalyana Shira Film said...

How bout some review on Long Road to Heaven, the movie that inspired by Bali Bombing tragedy. Some opinion with PR sight maybe?
cek this out

Maverick Indonesia said...

Thanks for your comment, person from Kalyana Shira...

How about coming to Maverick to talk about the film, and we'll discuss its messages and things related to it.



Anonymous said...

I luv the meaning behind this movie, unlike some other lovey-dovey movies that used to be created.