Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Maverick blog in "Top Ten Blogger Indonesia 2006"

Today's our first day back to the office and Ong suddenly informed me that Fatih Syuhud has listed our blog in the Top Ten Blogger Indonesia in 2006.

What an honor, and this is quite a New Year's present for us all. Thanks Fatih!

This is what Fatih wrote:

My friend, Ong Hock Chuan, is the founder of the blog, calls it the Corporate Blog. It's written collaboratively by all guys in Maverick, a media and PR consultant. I wonder how Ong still has time to blog in between his must-be hectic activities. A good example for any other Indonesian entrepreneurs to learn to get rid of the "I am very busy" culture.

Actually Ong has been more active in his unspun blog than the Maverick blog, but he has been overseeing it as well.

Anyway, Maverick bloggers will be conducting a major activity this month, so make sure that you keep checking in.

Again, happy new year!

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