Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Maverick Click of the Week: Not just an ordinary Tea

When we drive up to Puncak, West Java, we get to see signs on the side of the road selling Teh Benalu. This has nothing to do with this week’s Click of the Week, unless you’re just like me who really dug the word plays in the Da Vinci Code. Yes, based on Hanny’s recommendation, this week’s pick is the blog of Jalu of Tabloid Soccer. This blog is entitled “Kang Jalu tea… “ (get it?)

If you’re Indonesian, then you’ll know right away that Kang Jalu is Sundanese and there is no such thing as the Kang Jalu brand tea.

Enough with that Yasha-ism joke, we picked his blog because although it has not been run for years, the entries are really fresh (and not soccer related). By reading his posts, we can feel his excitement about blogging as his newfound passion. However, he’s still got questions on how his blog could be known by others in the blogosphere, as reflected in this posting:

Namun, hingga sekarang, saya masih bingung, bagaimana cara mempublish kepada orang-orang, terutama teman dan rekan, bahwa saya sudah punya blog ini? Memberi tahu URL nya mungkin cara termudah, tapi bukan itu solusinya. Sebab, sebagian besar teman dan rekan saya itu, bukanlah pribadi yang doyan membuka blog, apalagi kalau teman cowok. Jelas malas lah membuka blog saya ini...

Perhaps one of the ways is to regularly write postings and updating it. Another way is by blogwalking and expanding your blog network. Or tirelessly let your friends know that you have a blog, and perhaps one day get your blog picked as the Click of the Week ;>

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