Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Night Out

Everyone was excited. Bets were being made and the whole atmosphere in the Maverick’s office last Friday was bubbly because we were going Go Karting. That’s right! 20 Associates were ready to get onto those mini cars and show what they got. Everything seemed to go as planned. We all met at the Speedy Karting at Hanggar Teras in Pancoran. Amiauw the Operation Manager was so kind to give us tips and tricks about how to succeed in the sport. Everyone was listening attentively and you could tell that some were ready to jump into these little cars and drive off.

You can see from the photo that they were in the mood to go racing. Team #1 consisted of Ong, Herry, Rini and Rommy. Every team was meant to go for 6 rounds but when Team 1 was out there racing along and the rest of us cheering them, it suddenly started to rain. I could not believe it. It had to rain that Friday at that particular time when we wanted to have a night out. Errr…..
The winner of that short race was our good old Rommy who had the skills and the body weight to keep him close to ground ;) second came Herry and then followed by Rini and who would have thought that Ong came in last. Maybe he was just being modest. Who knows.

Since we could not continue with the racing we had to quickly think of a Plan B. Clearly the Pizza that I ordered was not enough for 20 people (I know I know…I’m sorry guys) so Ong decided that we will have a feast at Bebek Bali which is located at Taman Ria Senayan. After a long wait, the food finally arrived and it was yummy. By then we forgot that the rain ruined our night out and instead enjoyed the cozy atmosphere with all of us at one table. We chatted, laughed, ate lots and took silly photo. I hope all of you enjoyed yourself and lets see what we decide to do for next night’s outing! Until then!

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hanny said...

hiks gaaak sukkaaaaa aku sakiiittt gak ikutaaannn :( uhuks uhuks