Monday, January 29, 2007

The Power of Mailing List

Everybody now talking about blog and blogging, even some companies have blogs to communicate with their stakeholders. But many people forget about the mailing lists which can create quite an impact to brands or corporate image.

I remember some cases that has happened in Indonesia such as Mizone and Top One Oil. I had been receiving lots of e-mails from my many mailing lists about how Mizone used some preservative in their products long long ago before the issue became a national issue.

The same case happens with Top One Oil. As the many versions of the commercial were airing on TV with all of its celebrity endorsers, I had been receiving many negative e-mails about the product. But I personally thought that the company responded really late to the issue. It seemed that they only did so AFTER it became a big issue in society.

And why do companies respond late to this kind of issues generated and distributed through the mailing lists? I think there are two possibilities: The BOD or the Communications Department of these companies don't think that it would grow into a big issue, or they cannot simply oversee all mailing lists, since there are millions of maling lists on the net.

This can be dangerous as the issues could get a snowball effect. Forwarding the emails is just a click of a button, and these emails spread like a virus. Some of the 'viruses' can mean death to these companies.

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