Friday, January 19, 2007

Yet Another Lifestyle Magazine in Town: 69++

I just read this new magazine called 69++, a free magazine that was launched last night. My colleague Indri went to the launch last night. On the cover, it states that it is a lifestyle and shopping magazine. I personally think that 69++ is quite a cool brand for a lifestyle magazine, but then I changed my mind when I saw the cover of the magazine. I don't wanna judge a magazine by its cover, but I'd have to say that this magazine looks very serious.

When I saw the cover of magazine, it really reminded me of the cover of “Jurnal Perempuan” magazine. "Jurnal Perempuan", if you didn't already know it, is a magazine containing articles on women's rights. And when I started reading the pages, I concluded that the content of the magazine is not that of a lifestyle magazine.

Most of the issues in the articles of this magazine are too serious for lifestyle magazine. I thought I was the target market of this magazine, since the rate card bookmark inserted in the middle page state that this magazine is for 25-45 years old, urban dwellers, established, and dynamic. But how come I don't feel like the content of the magazine is for me?

The other thing I noticed from this magazine is that it has a Tempo magazine style of writing. I was informed that the editor in chief was a Tempo journalist, but I also recognized the style as I know that Tempo is one of the pioneers in Indonesian media to use the literary writing style.

I hope that the next edition of this magazine will contain more lifestyle information. And someone please do something about the layout. For a lifestyle magazine, it surely needs that STYLE element. I know that first editions are always tough, but if a magazine want to survive, it really must adapt with the customers expectation. This one fell short of mine.

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Crivenica said...

I know this comment is rather late..but I've just got the chance to browse through this blog again.

True, 69++ may not be your usual lifestyle magazine, but Indonesia needs more of this kind of serious "lifestyle" media that talks about the current issues. And 25-45 year old people should read more about current issues, instead of just indulging excessively on the regular lifestyle magazines.

One of my favorite magazine to read is Vanity Fair, a lifestyle yet serious American magazine. Unfortunately, it is American and not Indonesian. However, 69++ may learn from this magazine. It is popular, full of great regular lifestyle contents, but yet is full of great quality articles on various topics from politics, global issues to the less "serious" topics. From the cover, it looks just like any lifestyle magazine, but hey don't judge a magazine by its cover.