Monday, April 02, 2007

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Kongko-kongko* with Andi Sinulingga

Last Friday (23/03) we were honored to have Andi Sinulingga of Komite Nasional Pemuda Indonesia (KNPI) coming to Maverick for another sharing session. Having been an activist as a student in Universitas Jaya Baya and member of Himpunan Mahasiswa Islam (HMI) Andi is very experienced in Indonesian Political world. But what impress us so is the fact that he is very much equipped and understands the history of our country.

As for the Mavericks, well we know very little on KNPI. Fortunately Andi is a very lively speaker, or spokesperson to be exact. He explains that KNPI was established in the Soeharto regime as a breeding ground for future Indonesian leaders. KNPI was the umbrella under which many of the country’s youth organizations comes together. Initially KNPI was funded by government, but not anymore.

After the reformation era, KNPI has become independent, both in its visions and funding. KNPI now must work harder and more creative to generate funding to support their activities. This would mean that the organization would be a strong competition for organizations alike in promoting better program for the community. What a strong competition indeed. J

Talking with Andi on the young generations would truly reflect his passion and hope for the future generation. His book entitled “Hope for the Young Generation?” that he generously presented to us, also a proof of his concerns.

Well, it was a very motivating conversation. A two-hour-sharing-session would never be enough when you are kongko-kongko* with Andi.

* hanging out

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Advertising, is it part of CSR practice?

There is an interesting article today on CSR, it was published in Republika “CSR, di balik kepentingan promosi” (“CSR, behind the promotional needs”)

I was expecting to read one example of corporate promotional activities that are packaged in CSR program, but what was explored in the article is mainly about PT Sido Muncul TV ad “Orang Pintar Sayang Keluarga” version.

The TV ad with new tagline is claimed as one of their CSR project to ensure the better quality of young generation through the the good quality of families who live in harmony. The new TV ad features Ari Lasso (one of the country’s top musician) and his family to convey the message of the importance of making a harmonious family. They simply chose Ari Lasso to be the icon because they want to change the celebrities image that is closely connected divorces. Is it that necessary for Sido Muncul to work on their image?

Well, for me this is some kind of ga’ nyambung, it has got nothing to do between their new social marketing campaign and CSR project I suppose.

CSR should go beyond incorporating your social message to your new adv version.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Click Of The Week: Stania's Blog: This is not my life story

We're already know that radio journalism is quite differ from print media journalism. That's including the person behind it. But when it comes to blogging, it's hard to differentiate between those two.
Take a look for this blog for an instance. In a glance, maybe you would think that she is a journalist for print media, by the way she writes. But actually, she's a radio journalist for Kantor Berita Radio 68-H.
I would say that her writings or posting are somewhat intellectual yet playful. She can really underline or stressed out her point of view yet expressed carefully and successfully ; that it doesn't sound offending. Stania seems to always want to make sure whoever gets to read her blog can easily grasp the real message she wants to deliver. Something that all print media journalist are trying to do everyday, aren't they?
As she describe on her blog's title, the blog is not about her life story; it's HER story.
So mainly, her posting are based on what she experiences, feels and sees which she turns into stories. Errrr maybe Stania itself can explain it more clearly...
Her writings are very expressive that even halfway reading her postings, we can tell how she is not afraid to speak her mind. That's part of the reason why we chose her blog to be the click of the week for this week. An addition to that, this is the first radio journalist's blog selected by Maverick.
Why don't you take look at her posting: Tentang Remeh Temeh dan Omong Kosong and tell us what you think?
Congratulation Stania!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Maverick's Outing

For me, the new girl in the team, the first time I was asked to join along when Nia called me, I was already thrilled!!! Thank you everyone for such a warm welcome & including me in the outing trip which left a tremendous memorable experience and memorie...
For some, this may seem funny, I'VE NEVER BEEN TO Jogja & the outing has also given me a new insight travel of 'Inside Indonesia'.....
So much great activities and sharing that we the mavericks’ had during the outing, Goosh where should I start....
Losari coffee plantation resort and Spa, a beautiful resort, with warm old antique Javanese ambience that when I got there, I think everybody was just amazed by how magnificent the scenery and the fresh air that we were going to enjoy for the next 2 days!!! Spacious rooms and not to mention the king size beds (even the extra beds were huge!!!) for us to indulge our holiday!!! Well, not to forget, thank you for Ong & Mbak Lita, for their generosity...
Scenery and tress were just so fantastically beautiful, that when I sat down and enjoy it, you will also realize the greatness of this world...
By the way, at night Losari was dark as it could get! And everybody's got to attentively focused when they're walking, as we just didn't want to fall, I guess...hehehehe
Nia did mention about Mas Rudy's graduation, yeees, it was really a funny one, because in the surprise graduation party that we arranged (discreetly) for him, we formed two lines, that Mas Rudy had to walk through before reaching the rector and Professor ( which is Ong & Mbak Lita, as it's MAVERICK's University) :) and everybody were tickling Mas Rudy, well, he doesn't take tickling very well...and he was laughing the whole way ( and his laughter made all of us laughing).
Second day, it was trip to Jogja (the seat in the bus was aching) but the whole fun of the trip made it worthwhile...Hot sunny day, but still everyone's was enjoying their time...
There's so much (like really a lot) of stuff to see & it was kind of a headache, because I just don't know what to get....hehehehe (ended up buying 2 pairs of sandals).
Then, we had dinner at Bale Raos, in the Sultan's compound (apparently it's the king's favorite food), it's kinda too sweet, but still delicious... at the end of dinner, I shared my lovely voice ( I wish to believe so) with the 'Mata Genit Band' (the band was great, except for the name I guess!) hahahaha,
Well, the great thing also, that everybody's just mingling and some did share some personal stories so in a way, it made everyone closer as friends and colleagues.
My most truly greatest one, is THE HAMAM SPA...did a 75 min massage which was costly, but it's worth every cent of my credit card that I got to pay later :(...
For that 75 min, I felt I was entering THE HEAVEN OF RELAXATION.. it was awesome!!
I love massages, and been around tried some SPA, but gotta share it with you, THERE'S NOT ONE YET THAT FELT like THE HAMAM!!! (I'm sure Mbak Lita, couldn't agree more with me, as she did have a massage too). Well, I missed the steam train tour though, but gotta choose 1 or the other sometimes huh....(I didn't regret choosing the massage...)
Had a good laugh, memorable and truly a wonderful experience that I shared in this outing...
Once again, Thank you for including me and making me feel a pat of the family at the orange house in such a short period...