Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Good job Colonel Sanders!!

Its wonderful news for all KFC freaks around the world, especially for me who concern about healthy food. I always believe not every junk food is unhealthy… Hah, it's because I like KFC so much :P
As written in Yahoo News this morning, Colonel Sanders will stop using artificial fat out of its frying oil! Check the link here:
Phuiii…Will KFC Indonesia implements it soon? Oh, please do, so, I can eat KFC with less worry, nyam...nyam...
KFC for lunch, people?!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

More Trophy for Bisnis Indonesia's Journalist

The Mavericks congratulate Th. D. Wulandari of Bisnis Indonesia for her achievement in winning the 3rd place of Plangi Journalist Award 2006. This award is organized by The Plaza Semanggi, and it aims to acknowledge the amazing works of the Indonesian journalists. I read some of Wulan's writings about culinary - she is surely a fine writer!

Keep up the good work, gal!


It's very nice to find another resource or reference on our beloved city of Jakarta on the blogosphere. It's also nice to know that this blog is written by professionals (no, not the DKI Jakarta city officials) whose job is to find out everything about this city, with emphasis on lifestyle and entertainment, and also on some current issues like the monorail.

So, we'd like to welcome AREA magazine as they have emerged in the blogosphere, complete with the tagline "I AM JAKARTA".

AREA Magazine is a free Jakarta community magazine that has actually run for 3 years. In fact, the launch of their blog is also to celebrate this achievement. Why do I call it an achievement? Well, as you already know, after the SIUPP was no longer in effect, the number of publications in Indonesia went really high, much higher than the actual number of readers.

Free magazines are just one of the publications that seemed to have sprung up and filled the racks of coffee shops and restaurants, free for anyone to pick up, take home, and then totally forget about it.... because... well... it's free.

In its first edition in October 2004, AREA came out with 40 pages of what it called "the obsessive guide to jakarta's impulsive lifestyle and entertainment". I guess one of the first tasks of the owners is to prove to the public that setting up this magazine was not just an impulsive thing that they did.

Their move to go into the blogosphere is actually nice. I hope to find some useful information about my city in there. I am sure that soon when I google a topic or a place in Jakarta, that it’s most likely to show up in their page.

However, I'm actually quite bothered by the main page of the blog that looks like it's one whole magazine crammed into one space. That's just too much scrolling up and down effort. There's also a blog entry on recommendation for food joints in Tebet, which is one of the main columns of AREA print magazine, and is a copy of their September issue.

I think they should figure out what they wanna achieve through this blog. We hope they don't just copy paste everything from the magazine into webspace because that'll be redundant.

Another question is whether a blog is the right format that they wanna use (in this case, the friendliest for internet users). Do they really want to create conversations or do they just want to have an existence in the cyber world (just because everyone else is blogging)?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cakram Lost 2 journalists ...

Cakram advertising magazine lost 2 journalists this month.

Fajar F. Purba and Meindarti Wahyuningsih have left Cakram and hopping onto B&B magazine as reporters. B&B is already well-known as a magazine that mainly discusses public relations, marketing, and outdoor advertising.

A while back, Cakram's journalist Agung Harsya has also left this business magz to pursue his career as a sport journo in Indonesian edition of FourFourTwo magazine.

Hmm, does it means there are several empty positions ready to be filled in Cakram? :)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Point is FINALLY here! But where?

The Mavericks have long waited for the first edition of The Point, the newest English-language paper in Indonesia and it was finally out last Monday, 2 October 2006.

But was it? We were so curious about this newspaper so we really put our resources out there to obtain the first edition of this paper, yet this effort was to no avail... They were nowhere to be found at any newstands.

On Tuesday, Maverick's Ari called up The Point and specifically ask for it. The Point then took the initiative to send several copies of Monday and Tuesday's edition to the Maverick HQ. Apparently, the first editions of the paper are only distributed in "limited circulation", they claimed, which included just embassies and no newstands.

Well, we hope that The Point will grow to be an alternative English-language newspaper in Indonesia. But our questions are: Who's gonna read it? Will it just take parts of the pie off of The Jakarta Post?

What's your thought?

Introducing Little Rommy

Our Rommy Rustami retired early from the office yesterday because it was "time". I guess he's been anxious about it for weeks now, and he even shaved his head recently because of it.

When I woke up for Sahur earlier, I found an sms from a very proud father Rommy introducing his new born daughter named Pendar Ramadhani Anitya. She was born October 4, 2006 at 01:55am at the Hermina hospital in Jatinegara.

On behalf of the Mavericks, Congratulations Rommy!

I guess we'll be visiting them soon and post some pictures here.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Telapak E.I. - Environmental Investigators

Hidden cameras, undercover work, kidnapping, attempted murder… in the jungles of Kalimantan. This sounds like Hollywood, but it is the real life story of the guys of TELAPAK.

Created in the mid-90s, they started out as nature-trekkers/environmental activists who wanted to do more for mother nature. So they set up an organization that sets out to uncover the evils of men who rob nature (and the country) of its resources.

This is what M. Yayat from TELAPAK shared with us last Friday during our sharing session. He went on and told us about an incident when the Director of Telapak was captured and detained in Central Kalimantan. TELAPAK chartered a Fokker plane from Jakarta to go and extract the kidnapped director, but as the plane was getting near the airstrip, they were told by air traffic controller to turn around. They couldn't believe the last minute order, and as they proceeded with the final approach, they found that the whole airstrip was pitch black. No lights whatsover. They were circling around above the Kalimantan forest for a while before finally landing at a nearby airstrip. TELAPAK believe that the kidnapping, and also the airstrip incident was the work of the biggest illegal logger in the area, who makes so much money out of his illicit business that he owns the region, the political parties, the authorities, and whoever would take his money.

Working for TELAPAK is certainly no easy task. Your life could be constantly in danger. One of the reasons that M. Yayat himself has recently been working in HQ, is that after his recent investigation and findings in Papua he's been a wanted man by the mafia and their cronies there.

One of our questions was whether the evidence that TELAPAK collected are submitted submissable in court, since most of them were obtained either illegally (by trespassing, using fake ID and papers, etc). Yayat said that law enforcers have so far been less interested in how the evidence are gathered. This gets us worried because as these evidence are obtained illegaly, then perhaps those who are incriminated by the evidence can get away with... perhaps smarter lawyers and paying off more people?