Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Maverick's Click of the Week #6 : Budi Boga

One of the things that the outside world does not know about Mavericks is that WE LIKE TO EAT. So when we ask our friends in the media out to lunch, it’s also because we love to indulge ourselves in different culinary experiences. Therefore, for this week’s Maverick Click of the Week, we pick the blog of Budi Sutomo (the name sounds like one of the forefathers of Indonesia, doesn’t it?) entitled Gizi & Kuliner by Budi. I personally prefer to call the blog as Budi Boga. It seems catchier that way.

The Budi Boga blog was nominated by Shilla of Maverick, who definitely loves to eat, especially spicy foods. In fact, I think her consumption ratio per meal is about 2:3 (2 for chili sauce or past to 3 for the actual meal). This is her reason for picking Budi Sutomo’s blog as Maverick Click of the Week:

I pick You ask why? Because we share the same passion: food and culinary! =)
Budi is currently an editor of the diet and nutrition column in Dokter Kita magazine. He had also written 15 recipe books. His books were published by the Gramedia Group.
He also had been the culinary editor of Kartini.

Since it was first launched on April 2006, the blog has over 58 thousand hits! Some of his postings were also published in magazines and tabloids.

Not only that Budi posted his recipes, he also posted interesting writings on diet and nutrition.
Better still, he wrote his travel experiences and accompanied his postings with photos of mouth watering food... Yumm...

I reckon he could be the next Jamie Oliver!

Budi had actually asked us on our blog to be invited to one of the press events that we help organize. So far we haven’t found the right one for him, but for now we have found that his blog is worthy for our Click of the Week. Perhaps Budi would like to come by our office as a guest for our Sharing Session on one Friday, and share with us his knowledge on some tasty nutritious foods. Please bring some food when you do come ya, Mas Budi.. ha ha

Monday, December 18, 2006

Anugerah Adiwarta Sampoerna 2006: The Winners!!!

Anugerah Adiwarta Sampoerna 2006 officially announced its first winners in an awarding night conducted in Grand Ballroom of Sheraton Hotel, Surabaya (Dec 15).

After Effendi Ghazali as AAS Board of Judges' representative presented AAS judges report, Butet Kertaradjasa performed two episodes of monologue about journalism that made all viewers laugh out loud.

But the creme-de-la-creme of the night was, of course, the winners announcement!

Indonesian jazz legend Bubi Chen and senior music journalist Bens Leo, hightened the tension as they climbed on stage to present the nominees for art & music performance category. And the winners are:

  • Hardnews: Adi Marsiela from Suara Pembaruan
  • Feature: Bambang Sulistyo from Gatra
  • Photo: Yudhi Sukmawijaya from Jurnal Nasional
The trophy was handed to all winners by Angky Camaro, Managing Director PT HM Sampoerna Tbk.

Award presenters for the sport category were Drs. Moh. Syadeli, 6 time consecutive Gold medalist in PON in wrestling, and Sumohadi Marsis, a senior sport journalist who are still active in KONI Pusat. The winners are:

  • Hardnews: Bastian Alkaf from Mata Banua - Banjarmasin
  • Feature: Adi Prinantyo from Kompas
  • Photo: Sugeng Deas from Jawa Pos
The trophy was given to all winners by Vice Mayor of Surabaya, Arif Affandi. Unfortunately, Adi Prinantyo from Kompas couldn't come and receive the trophy himself, since he's still on duty in Qatar.

For economy/business category, the nominees were presented by Efferin, M.Com.MA.PhD, Dean of Economic Faculty from Surabaya University, together with Raksaka Mahi, Expert Staff of Ministry of Treasury. And the winners are:

  • Hardnews: Rana Akbari Fitriawan from Tempo News Room
  • Feature: Heri Susanto from Majalah Tempo
However, the duo made a shocking announcement by telling the audience that there was no winner for photo category in economy/business. "Don't be dissapointed, hopefully we'll see the winner in this category next year," said Harsya Soebandriyo, the Master of Ceremony for that night.

The trophy for winners in this category was handed in by Andrew White, Director of PT HM Sampoerna Tbk.

The nominees for social category were presented by Bagong Suyanto, a sociologist from Airlangga University, and Abdisuryaningati, the Director of YAPPIKA. The winners are:
  • Hardnews: Adi Marsiela from Suara Pembaruan
  • Feature: Irawan Santoso from Forum
  • Photo: Raditya Helabumi from Kompas, East Java bureau
Adi Marsiela who had received a trophy for art & music performance category was shocked when his name got mentioned once more. He climbed the stage, with his hands covered up his face, and his eyes got teary as he received the trophy from President Director of PT HM Sampoerna Tbk., Martin G. King.

Nopiyanti from Nusa Bali, who was nominated for 4 categories in AAS 2006, did not receive a trophy that night. But she was already happy for becoming the most-nominated journalist in AAS 2006. "Aha, next year, I will submit 30-40 articles ... I will spend these upcoming months to write and write, and write," she said jokingly to Ipik Tanoyo from Bali Post.

Everyone who heard her laugh out loud.


After the show, all winners and the rest of the finalists celebrate their accomplishment. Bambang from Gatra and his folks left the hotel and went out clubbing--trying to find the hottest club in Surabaya. "You know, the club I went to last night? The music was weird," Bambang said the next morning with sleepy eyes.

While in Kawi Lounge at Sheraton's Hotel mezzanine floor, you could find Effendi Ghazali, Sumohadi Marsis, Angky Camaro, Butet Kertaradjasa, and Arif Affandi, having a small reunion over cups of coffee, while watching salsa band performance.

The clubbing effect made Hasiholaan from Antara and some of his friends got up late that morning, and missed the tour to Pasar Genteng. "Rommy (from Maverick) has rang us up on 7 am., and we did pick up the receiver, but I didn't know what happened next. Probably I fell asleep again right after that ... until Rommy called us back on 10. "

During the trip to House of Sampoerna, all finalists gave away their contact numbers and email address. "We have to keep in touch, AAS 2006 batch I," said Arif Kuswardono from Tempo.


Two guys. Journalists from two different media. Know nothing about each other, but then they found out that they’re actually neighbours!

This ‘heart-warming’ reunion (hehehe) happened between Josephus Primus from KCM and Arie M.P. Tamba from Jurnal Nasional in Juanda Airport, Gate 8—where all finalists of AAS 2006 were waiting for their GA flight back to Jakarta. This episode was just one of many touchy episodes happened during 3 days of AAS Awarding Night program.


Sure, we have to keep in touch! Just wait for the launch of AAS mailing list, ok ;p and see you there!!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Maverick's Click of the Week #5 : Budi Putra's The Gadget

The blogosphere is surely a communication medium that needs to be taken seriously, and certainly has been growing in such an amazing rate. This is also happening in Indonesia, and several Indonesian blogging icons have emerged since. One of them is Budi Putra, a senior IT editor of Koran Tempo and Tempo Interaktif, who has been one of the faces of Indonesia's blogging community. Budi Putra, a journalist who has written several books on IT, has also been interviewed by other media such the WSJ.

I am personally delighted with this development as the local blogging community has a figure to speak on behalf of them (from the IT perspective, for starters, as we know that blogging is about the endless variety of content that can be posted in it). And I guess we can't expect Roy Suryo to be talking in the media about all aspects of the IT world.

However, Budi Putra's thegadgetnet blog was nominated for our Click of the Week by Maverick's Irma who has extensively and regularly browsed the site. Here's what she said about Budi Putra's recent entry, about him being interview by WSJ and the BBC:
In this blog, BP simply writes about his experience of being interviewed by two foreign media : Wall Street Journal & BBC London. As we all know that one of the main task of a journalist’s duty is to interview those who has the source of news which definitely contain news value. But what’s different with this blog, BP shares his experience of how he feels to get interviewed.

I chose his blog because it is not just about IT and gadgets which BP mostly blogs about, but just a short story about one of his interesting experiences.

I think this story is both motivating for other journalists out there and they would consider BP as a good role model of an IT/Telecom journalist.
Congratulations, Mr Budi Putra!

Bisnis Indonesia's "new" Tabloid

The Mavericks would like to congratulate Bisnis Indonesia as it celebrates its 21st anniversary today. Some of us actually went to Wisma Bisnis Indonesia there earlier today during lunchtime to congratulate them. 21 years is quite a long time and the newspaper has come a long way to become one of the most prominent business publication in Indonesia.

In today's edition, Bisnis published two pages of "Special Report" on the current “Media Business Trend”. Although overall it has that self "Congratulation Ad" feel, it is still very informative. It also has comments from Trade Minister Mari E. Pangestu, who probably gets quoted by Bisnis at least every other day.

On its 21st anniversary edition, Bisnis Indonesia is also announcing that its Sunday edition "Bisnis Minggu" will start coming out in a new format: a Tabloid.

Bisnis Minggu will be printed in fancier paper, will have more pictures, more features on business opportunities, tips, investment, automotive, etc. With all this, hopefully they will also earn more in advertising revenue.

Like other print media, Bisnis Indonesia has also tried publishing spin-off tabloid or papers of its main paper. The Trendigital tabloid is still on the shelves, but its sister publication Bisnis Uang only lived for a short period of time. Let’s hope for the best for this Sunday tabloid.

If you didn't already know, The Jakarta Post is also preparing its "Weekender" monthly magazine that's coming out in January 2007. This monthly magazine is also out to grab the ad money from the "lifestyle" products and services that have been "reluctant" to place ads in the daily paper edition. In a couple of months, TJP will decide whether this monthly supplement magazine could actually become a weekly edition.

So, we'll see how two newspapers will compete in the Sunday issue battle. The Jakarta Post currently has a circulation of under 40,000 while Bisnis Indonesia is over 80,000. Let's see how the math works out for the ad buyers.

Here's a peek of "Bisnis Minggu - Business Lifestyle" Tabloid. A journalist held a copy of its very first edition for Maverick's Shilla. This copy will be available for public on Friday 15 December 2006, but M. Sarwani (the editor of Bisnis Minggu) has given Mavericks several copies of it today.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What’s going on in the biggest newspaper in the country?

“Thank God I am no longer working for Kompas….”

It is a shocking phrase that I heard from a journalist friend who just resigned from Kompas a few months ago. She was telling me the story about how the biggest and most influential newspaper in Indonesia has poorly treated its own journalist Bambang Wisodo. So I asked her “Why did you say that?”

Here’s what she told me:

Bambang Wisodo is not a junior reporter in Kompas. Before being sacked, he was last assigned with the humaniora desk. Over the last eight years, Bambang, who is one of the AJI (aliansi Jurnalis Independen) founders, was actively fighting to win back the 20% shares belonging to the employees in Kompas. As a result of being too outspoken, according to my source, the boss in Kompas was always trying to find reason to get Bambang assigned outside Jakarta. Aware that it was all politics to shut him up, Bambang would always refuse to be posted outside Jakarta. At one point, he was suspended for his refusal. One day during the suspension period, Bambang came to Kompas, but he was stopped by the security guard before entering the premises. Bambang insisted to enter because, despite that he was under suspension, he is still an employee of Kompas. Then the Pemred came out and handed him the PHK letter. Not only that, according to the story, Bambang was then dragged out of the premises by the security guards.

“Actually many employees of Kompas are now worried about their future. They ask a lot from their employees, while they don’t treat us fairly..” the girl said ending her story and leaving me in shock.

I still cannot believe that I’m hearing such a story about the most credible publication in the country. Where all those values that they always promote “menyuarakan amanat hati nurani rakyat?” because of this incident, many are questioning whether the values such as democracy, transparency, and fighting for human rights that always being voiced by Kompas are actually genuine.

One thing for sure, the almost impeccable image that it has built through the decades is now in danger.

But then again this is all just coming from one side. The great thing about blogs is that the accused can argue their case right here in this forum.

So, we're waiting to hear what Kompas has to say about this, or perhaps a fellow Kompas journalist who knows a different twist of this story?

For The Love of... 'epret-epret'

I had a great time last Friday. Who would have thought sharing session with Samuel Mulia would be more than just fun, full of giggles and laughter, and most of all.. so insightful!

Samuel finally stepped into the orange house just before 5.00 p.m. last Friday. He was introduced to everybody and rushed to the meeting room to begin the sharing session.

I came in late. So I missed the beginning part of the discussion. All I realized was the room filled with laughter the moment I entered and Samuel was explaining about working for some events with few brands and the nity gritty part which he defines as… ‘yang epret-epret itu lho’ in his very own distinct style.

Samuel shared his valuable experience from the time he headed A+ Magazine, SOAP magazine, to his current occupation as the Special Project Editor with The Jakarta Post, not for the paper, but for its upcoming monthly magazine insert that will be known as the "Weekender". Nowadays Samuel is known nationwide through his PARODI column in the Sunday edition of KOMPAS. Sam is very proud with his achievements throughout his many years of career, from his years in the core team of DEWI magazine, and also when he sold the cover page of A+ magazine to a sponsor, which was the first time such thing was done in Indonesia. Not long after that, other followed.

Being a very straight forward person, Sammy is not embarrassed to admit whatever business he’s doing is 70% based on the money aspect. That’s what drives him to bring, give the best idea and end result with whomever it is he’s working with. According to Sammy, the tendency of what we called as a ‘corporate culture’ which most of the time, gets in the way. Not to mention bureaucracy, idealism and individual differences, prevents us from giving what is needed, and which may be the best or most appropriate result for our end users. In the end, they are the ones who will help us to achieve that success. Sammy also shared how to see things from many different perspectives, get out of the box, yet, be considerate. Move ahead one step at a time. When the right time has come, you’ll get to see what else the world has to offer you.

His piece of advise for us PR practitioners, to always understand what the media needs, not only what we need or expect them to do for us. Pay attention to those little precious detail, then you will gain the most out of it. Be approachable to the media, give a bit of personal touch, and make them feel like they are needed, because you really do need them!

Sammy’s love for fashion and lifestyle has brought him to the level where he is now. He can see things from angles which any other person can’t. He shared with us that changing a mindset of a person may cost you a lifetime, what more a nation to think or do as what we perceive as the best or the right thing.

The wisest thing to do is be a pioneer! Lead the way, be successful, and eventually you’ll find yourself having people to follow you.

As I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t entirely in the room during the session; however the small part of the whole story as what I just shared has contributed quite a big portion into my perspective. Hope it contributes something to you too!

Friday, December 08, 2006

AAS 2006: Hardnews and Feature Category Finalists - Salute!

Finally, without further ado, the Finalists for AAS 2006 HARDNEWS and FEATURE CATEGORY are:

Social Hardnews Subcategory:
1. Yuniar (Bapak Pergi Ibu Marasai Pula - Singgalang)
2. Nopianti (Krama Bali Di Tanggerang Donor Darah - Nusa Bali)
3. Adi Marsiela (Butuh Dana Sekolah, Dimas Nekat Menembus Paspampres - Suara Pembaruan)

Arts and Music Hardnews Subcategory
1. Arianto SP (Hari ini Soundrenaline 2006 Serukan Kedamaian - Metro Banjar)
2. Adi Marsiela (Konser Amal Untuk Pangandaran - Suara Pembaruan)
3. Tasman Banto (Lagu Pamungkas Ratu Di Monumen Mandala - Tribun Timur)

Sports Hardnews Subcategory
1. Dodi Syah Putra (Cari Modal di Main Kandang - Padang Ekspress)
2. Bastian Alkaf (Gelar Kedua Banjarbaru - Mata Banua)
3. Nopianti (Daudy Menang, Yenny Sedih - Nusa Bali)

Economics and Business Hardnews Subcategory
1. Josephus Primus (Memberdayakan Pengusaha Topeng Monyet – Kompas Cyber Media)
2. Nopianti (Ketika Pasar Seni Sukowato Diboyong Ke Mall Pasar Raya Grande Jakarta - Nusa Bali)
3. Rana Akbari Fitriawan (Bandung Ekspor Alat Pengolah Sampah -Tempo News Room)

Social Feature Subcategory
1. Arif Adi Kuswardono (Berlindung Pada Bapak Tersangka – Tempo)
2. Metta Dharmasaputra (Hikayat Heni, Gadis Tionghoa – Tempo)
3. Irawan Santoso (Misteri Suap Probosutedjo – Forum)

Arts and Music Feature Subcategory
1. Ipik Tanoyo (Soundrenaline: Menuju Konser ala Woodstock - Bali Post)
2. Arie MP Tamba (Biografi Yang Memperkaya Teks Fiksi - Jurnal Nasional)
3. Bambang Sulistyo (Wayang, Di Balik Bayang-Bayang Perubahan - Gatra)

Sports Feature Subcategory
1. Adi Prinantyo (Liga Indonesia Untuk Siapa? - Kompas)
2. Yudhi Febiana Oktaviadhi (Mari Pahami Rahasia Sepak Bola - Bola)
3. Nopianti (Banting stir jadi kontraktor - Nusa Bali)

Economics and Business Feature Subcategory
1. Iwan Ungsi (Dilema Negara Kaya Miskin Visi - Jawa Pos)
2. Irwan Andri Atmanto (Menjadi Tamu Di Negeri Sendiri - Gatra)
3. Heri Susanto (Berpacu Mendorong Kereta Mogok - Tempo)

The above-mentioned journalists, together with the previous photojournalists, will be invited to AAS Awarding Night in Surabaya on December 15, 2006, where winners of all categories will be announced.


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Maverick's Click of the Week #4: A Platonic World

The Maverick Click of the Week has come to its 4th week and it’s really cool that we’ve received great responses from everyone.

And this week, Mavericks pick the blog of Agung Harsya, a journalist from FourFourTwo magazine, entitled “A Platonic World”.

The blog was nominated by Maverick’s Awie who had this to say about the blog:

From “A Platonic World,” we can see a plain perspective in looking at life, at the world. “Entahlah... Makin dipikirkan, makin terasa seperti belenggu,” write the platonic man on his 26th birthday.

Easy reading comes with a soft lay out. In the midst of tight deadlines, I say, most of everyone of us can venture to the Platonic World and read a bit. It wouldn’t weary your eyes, hopefully it would brighten up your vision.

I personally would like to see more pictures in Platonic World, but I do completely agree with Awie that the blog is a nice and easy read. His last posting is a review of the film “Looking for Comedy in Muslim World”, which I thought would have been nice if there were a picture of the film’s poster on it (without violating any copyrights, that is).

Yet his other postings are mostly on life and how lives it as the “Platonic Man”. And of course they’re quite abstract to actually put a relevant image on it, so Agung Harsya pictures them with his words.

Cheers, Agung Harsya…

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

AAS 2006: Photo Category Finalists - Congrats!

The moment you've been waiting for: Finalists for AAS 2006 photojournalist category has been decided. It was not an easy decision for the judges as most entries are of high quality. There were no questions in terms of photography techniques. Most interestingly is the message behind the pictures. As they say, pictures speaks louder than words.

Here are the names of photojournalists that will compete in AAS 2006's Awarding Night in Surabaya! Congratulations for all finalists!

From sport subcategory, the AAS 2006 photo finalists are:
1. Afriadi Akmal from Behind The Screen magazine (Tired)
2. Sugeng from Jawa Pos (Suporter Apes)
3. Danu Kusworo from Kompas (Nonton Balap Sepeda)

From social subcategory, the AAS 2006 photo finalists are:
1. Crack Palinggi from Reuters (Kebakaran Hutan)
2. Raditya Helabumi from Kompas biro Jatim (Selamatkan Warga)
3. Lasti Kurnia from Kompas (Dunia Sekolah Anak Bajo)

From economy/business subcategory, the AAS 2006 photo finalists are:
1. Lucky Pransiska from Kompas (Antisipasi Kebutuhan LPG)
2. Hasiholan from Batak Post (Pengangguran Meningkat)

From art & music performance subcategory, the AAS 2006 photo finalists are:
1. Yudhi Sukmawijaya from Jurnal Nasional (Tarian Jalanan)
2. Boy Harjanto from Indo Pos (Dalang Suket)

For economy/business and art&music performance subcategory, the board of judges decided to select 2 finalists only. "Other photos are also of high quality, but the two chosen are so outstanding that it was really difficult to choose the third one,” Effendi Gazali and Oscar Motuloh shared the same opinion.

However, the photos in sport subcategory received two-thumbs up from the judges. "The finalists’ pictures portray the current condition of Indonesian sport—and this is what photojournalism is all about,” photography expert Oscar Motuloh said enthusiastically.

The above-mentioned finalists will be invited to AAS Awarding Night in Surabaya on December 15, 2006, where winners of all categories will be announced.

However, seeing these pictures below, would you like to make your lucky guess on who will the winners be?

Monday, December 04, 2006

Maverick Welcomes Nia

Maverick welcomes Nia K. Sadjarwo who joins Maverick as Associate from December 1st. On top of her knowledge in mass communications, Nia brings strong administration and execution skills to Maverick.

Previously, Nia worked as an event organizer at ESMOD Jakarta and GPR Coordinator as well as Academic Manager of Post Graduate Programs at the London School of Public Relations. She also holds a BA degree in mass communications from the London School of Public Relations.

“I’ve always wanted to be a PR person,” said Nia. “Maverick is the right place for me, as I know this is the place where I can learn, broaden my knowledge and experience in PR, and challenge myself," she added

Well Nia, we are happy to have you aboard. In Maverick, it is not only about learning and broadening your knowledge, but more importantly, having fun while doing it.

Friday, December 01, 2006

The Walkley Awards

The Walkley Awards are the Australia's most prestigious journalist accolade. The Walkleys were established in 1956. Starting from five categories, today Walkleys has grown to more than 30 award categories involving printed media, radio and television.
Last night, the Walkleys announced the 2006 Walkley Awards winners in Melbourne. We'd like to congratulate our journalist friend, who has been living in Indonesia for the past 10 months for winning one of the Walkley Awards. Morgan Mellish, an Indonesia Correspondent for the Australian Financial Review won the Walkey Awards for the Business Journalism category. His article, titled "The Robert Gerard Tax Scandal", was nominated in two categories, which were Print News Report and Business Journalism. He told Maverick that he needed couple of months to investigate the scandal and wrote such a detailed article on the issue. Well, it looks like all the hard work actually pays off! Well done, Morgan! We should celebrate it when we see you in the next JFCC event! :)

check The Walkley's website:

A Not Surprise Birthday Party for Ira Koesno

What happened if a surprise birthday party turned out to be a not surprise birthday party at all?

Well, I guess, the birthday girl should just pretend to be surprised to satisfy the guests.

This scene happened in Ira Koesno’s birthday party last night. Some of her friends organized the supposed-to-be-a-surprise-birthday-party at Romeo CafĂ©, Automall. Numbers of people were there, including IKComm’s clients, journalists, communications practitioners, etc. They were all waiting for the birthday lady, hoping to see her expressions when she entered the venue.

But then, when she got in to the place, she didn’t look surprise at all! Apparently, she said, “Someone sent me sms asking about this party! Hahaha…”.
Ooowwhhh.. who’s that clumsy guy?? But then, Ira said, “However, I’m still surprised as I didn’t expect that there would be so many people attending this party. Thank you so much everyone..”.

After she blew all the candles on her birthday cake (there were thirty something candles.. am not gonna write it here, Ira, don’t worry! Hehe..), the organizer presented a video showing some pictures of Ira when she was a little girl until she became a famous TV presenter then started her own company together with two of her best friends.

It was a fun party. There were some fun games and lots of doorprizes. Even I got two presents from winning a doorprize and “being forced” to participate in a “dangdut” dancing game! Hahaha..

Well, happy birthday, Ira Koesno! All the best for you and keep shining, girl!

Ps: You have one year to practice on your act: pretend to be surprised in case there will be another surprise birthday party for you next year! :D

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lativi got smacked down!

So, who's to blame on this “Smackdown” issue?

Well, most of us would blame Lativi, while the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) blames the Department of Communication and Informatics (Depkominfo).

It is easier for us to point fingers at Lativi. They are the one who were airing the program. They were the one who ignored KPI’s letter to move the time slot. It suits them good if they had suffer losses from this incident….

One simple way to smack Lativi is by signing an online petition. Some clausal, however, are not feasible while others need to be updated.

The first clausal states that Lativi must stop broadcasting such program. Well, for this matter, KPI have already given Lativi an administrative sanction. The sanction states that Lativi to stop broadcasting the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and all its extensions (Smackdown, Afterburn, Raw, Bottomline, Heat, Experience, and Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW)), as well as their on air promos. So, the first clausal has been responded well.

The second is urging KPI and Depkominfo to reevaluate the Broadcasting Law, especially on the law enforcement. This is a bit too much. The amendments of the Broadcasting Law is the parliament’s authority. It should be carried out by the House of Representatives 1st Commission, together with the government and industry. This is no small matter. There are too much political interests and economic stakes involved there. The Broadcasting Law itself is okay (nothing’s perfect). The problem lays with a series of Government Decree (PP) on Broadcasting, in this case No. 52 on Private Broadcasting Institution. The decree has transferred KPI’s authorities stated in the Broadcasting Law to Depkominfo, and thus taken away KPI’s authority in sanctioning TV stations. (Here's one reason why KPI loves Depkominfo so much.)

Next, urging the public to stop watching Lativi until there is a concrete act by the TV to stop broadcasting Smack Down. Is this another way of saying (and recommending) to watch our other TV stations? Anyway, I believe that Lativi is wise enough to stop the program by now. Petition granted.

In addition, number four, the last but not least, to urge all TV stations to reduce parents burden and responsibilities in teaching children by eliminating non-educative programs. Hm…. A while ago, while were discussing about media literacy, some friends argued that teenagers need to learn media literacy subject at school. I said NO, parents are in desperate need for media literacy!

Thus, I have one concrete, realistic recommendation should someone want to make another online petition: “Urging KPI, Depkominfo, and TV stations – together (for the best) or individually (at least) – to provide free Media Literacy courses.”

So, who's to blame on this “Smackdown” issue?

Let’s just stop pointing fingers… ;)

Maverick Click of the Week #3: Hera Diani's yap yap yap yap

This week's Maverick Click of the Week is the blog of Hera Diani of the Jakarta Post entitled "Yap yap yap yap yap..."
I've known Hera for a while, she's also been with TJP as long as I've known her and I have been her online buddy on another blogging network called Multiply. However, for our Click of the Week, Hera was nominated by Maverick's ALit who wrote this about her:

I enjoy her easy writings for any topics of her life; from Malaysian movie director, journalist role model, her point of view foreign journos, and of course her first few days in Honolulu. The rest of her postings are pretty simple with nice story package that makes the readers enjoy in reading it.
The blog design and lay out is quite simple with several pics for certain postings.

Hera's piece on violence against women activist was on the front page of TJP last Tuesday. Meanwhile her latest posting was on "Being a Muslim.. sort of" which tells a story about her choice in "faith".

Hera recently took the Jefferson Fellowship scholarship program in Honolulu, Tokyo, and some other countries, and you can also check out her blog for pictures of her journey.

Here's a picture of her in a karaoke joint. From the look, it looks like it was taken in Japan... But who knows, it coulda been taken somewhere in Kota.. ha ha

Congratulations, Hera!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

AAS 2006: The Judging Process Begins!

The Orange House turned into a photo gallery yesterday. The terrace and the meeting room was filled with 308 photos sent by our journalists friends to compete in Anugerah Adiwarta Sampoerna 2006.

On that rainy Monday afternoon, the initial judging process for AAS photo category took place. Deddy Nur Hidayat as a communication expert, Yosep Adi Prasetyo (Stanley) from Institut Studi Arus Informasi (ISAI), and Firman Ichsan—a well-known photographer, came over to The Orange House to give their vote.

Photos submitted were divided into 4 subcategories: Art & Musical Performance, Sports, Economy/Business, and Social. From each subcategories, Deddy, Stanley, and Firman have to select 9 photos that will become AAS photo semifinalists.

Once 9 photos from each subcategory were chosen, the final judges (roster include THE Rosihan Anwar, communication expert Effendi Ghazaly, photography expert Oscar Motuloh, and Director of Corporate Communications from PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. Niken Rachmad), will decide the top 3 finalists.

The semifinal judging process for photo category lasted for almost 3.5 hours.
First, Deddy, Stanley, and Firman gave their vote for 9 photos in each subcategory. If a photo gets 3 votes, the photo is automatically nominated as semifinalists. The debate started when several photos got only 2 votes, or even 1 vote. Each judges explained the reason of selecting a specific photo and defend it, while listening inputs from other judges from different backgrounds as well.

In the end, the photos chosen must be able to provide constructive critique, capture the ‘mood’ of the event, and posses well photography technique.

On its 1st year, 641 entries have been received by AAS’ comittee, consisting hardnews, feature, and photo category. More updates on AAS finalists in 2006 will be posted here, so just wait for the breaking news! :)

Monday, November 27, 2006

Maverick's Sekred Gathering 2006

Every year Maverick conducts a SekRed Gathering in a way to express our gratitude for the support of Sekretaris Redaksi of our media friends. They play an important role in media, as they are they're the first people in media that we talk to when we invite reporters to cover our events.

This is Maverick's 2nd year of in conducting a SekRed Gathering. Last year, the event was done during the month of Ramadhan. This year, we offer something different and we decided to present a casual talk show. Alexander Sriewijono, a prominent psychologist who has his own slot in O-Channel and Cosmopolitan radio and magazine, led the talk show and spoke about “Energizing your working life” as the topic. Over 30 Sekretaris Redaksi attended the gathering that was held in Batula Resto in Blok M area. They were so excited and some of them said that Maverick is the only PR consultancy that cares for them.

That night, after talk show followed by dinner and chat, the gathering was closed by series of games. Congratz to Dewi from Nova who won a shiny new iPod nano!! (She also had stunned the audience by her stage act as an Astronaut changing a tire)

So.. thank you all for coming.. See you all next year!

Indri - Ketua Panitia Maverick's SekRed

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Big Congrats to first five lucky winners: Idul Fitri E-card

The Mavericks send our most genuine congratulations to our first five Idul Fitri e-card winners who were the first five to send the correct answers. We sent out these special e-cards to our clients and friends right before the Lebaran holiday, but these are not just ordinary e-cards. There’s a not-so-hidden photo quiz that many actually missed.

Anyway, the e-card shows a series of pictures telling a short story of “the little ketupat” who wants to go mudik. Yet in the pictures, there are images of certain products or logos of our clients (the hard work of our unofficial in-house graphic designer Hanny). Recipients of the e-cards are expected to identify 9 of Maverick’s clients on the card and submit the answer via email.

And…. To our surprise, 74 people sent in their answers!

Besides their answer, many of them also made comments about our cute e-card:

Meta – Sampoerna = Maverick emang paling OK deh kalau urusan bikin gimmick2 creative begini.P.S.Kalau bener (sok tau yaa..hehe), mohon parcel dibagikan kepada yang lebih membutuhkan

Priyo S = Bagus sekali itu cara Maverick membuat kejutan.Bisa ditiru itu.Thanks ya!

Rully – Republika = Iseng ikutan ah..Habis lucu banget e-cardnya.Ini nih klien maverick.

Dian – UBS = This is really fun and creative.

Yuniarti Tanjung – Femina = Ah, ada ada aja. Tapi lucu juga.

Illiana – Citibank = Saya terima email ini baru jam 5 sore sih.Mungkin server CBN agak lelet.Jadi kemungkinan besar saya tidak termasuk 5 pengirim pertama.But it’s okay. Saya coba jawab,anyway : Tolong kalau misalnya saya menjadi salah satu pemenang, passport holder dan mug Citibank nya tidak usah dimasukkan ke dalam parcelJ

Radityo Djadjoeri – Mediacare = Thanks ya ucapan lebarannya.Wuah kreatif bangedd..:)

Elvera N Makki – Unilever = Hahaha..this is fun!

Mita – Microsoft = Thanks e-card’nya! Cute ya si ketupat kecil itu.

Chris – Intisari = Aduh Maverick, habis minta maaf langsung bikin tebakan, nanti yang nggak dapat merasa kecewa lho:)

It seems that everybody at Maverick had a nice giggle to see the responses from our Idul Fitri E-card.

Anyway, the five lucky winners are:

1) Gatot R from Angkasa Magazine
2) Erni Sintasari from Bisnis Indonesia
3) Andryanto Wijaya from Astragraphia
4) Adi Hartawan from Indika FM
5) Dhyoti Rororasmi Basuki from Frisian Flag

The winners will then receive a gift parcel containing products and merchandises representing Maverick’s clients.

For myself, I am delighted to take part in this project with Shilla in arranging the gift parcels until delivered safely to the winners. Hey it was pretty hectic but it was fun! (Thank you also to Mbak Jusmaini who gave a helping hand in the finishing touch of the gift parcels before they were sent out.) Creating such unique ways to maintain good relationship with our clients is one of Maverick’s main role of client service which is the ‘heart’ of Maverick itself.

Once again, a big congrats to the winners!

Coming soon will be the X’mas E-card right? :) Ketupat will turn into X’mas trees, opor ayam into santa claus…and the list goes on…J

Umm…so any funny, cute, adorable, tickling, smart ideas guys? You name it ‘coz it is 1 month to go from now….

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Maverick's Click of the Week #2: blogombal

For the 2nd Maverick Click of the Week, we have chosen the personal blog of Antyo Rentjoko a.k.a. Paman Tyo and his blogombal.

If you didn't know him already, Paman Tyo is the Chief Editor for Majalah Komputer Aktif, but he doesn't actively blog about computers. Instead, he blogs about interesting everyday topics.

His latest entry is on sign boards that normally decorate the front yard of government offices entitled "Papan Nama: Harus Ada atau Seadanya?." This is his comment on it:

Jangan seperti kantor kelurahan zaman dulu dengan jejeran papan nama menutupi tampang gedung. Ada merek kelurahan, ada Dharma Wanita, ada PKK, ada AMPI, ada LKMD, ada Klompencapir dan entah apa lagi.

Yah, ibarat satu gedung dengan banyak tenants, begitulah. Tapi cobalah masuk ke kantor kelurahan macam itu dan carilah pengurus setiap organisasi, minimal tenaga sekretariat. Belum tentu ada yang mangkal — kecuali saat kunjungan pejabat. was nominated by Maverick's Rommy. Besides the aforementioned points, Rommy likes that fact that Paman Tyo post lots of images, most of them are pictures that he personally takes or images that he creates using various image manipulation software. Rommy also likes the layout and the links blogombal has on the page.

Congratulations Paman Tyo!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Atmajaya Yogyakarta Students' Visit: "OOOWWWHHH ... "

A sweet and cute “OOOWWWHHH …. “ resonated in the great halls of Maverick’s Orange House yesterday afternoon, as more than 20 communications students from Atmajaya University, Jogjakarta, came over to visit Maverick as a part of their study trip program.

We were so happy to have Atmajaya students in our office (being around young people made us all feel a bit younger ;p), taking them for a short-tour around the Orange House and take a peek on what it is like to be a Maverick.

During a small talk in our meeting room, the students asked lots of questions about PR practice enthusiastically—mainly about Maverick’s specialty in crisis and issues management. Seeing how attentively they were to what is being presented by Maverick’s partners (Ong and Mbak Lita) and watching how impatient they were for becoming PR practitioners … was just overwhelming! ☺

Not to mention that Atmajaya students have a very cheerful and effervescent personality that made us all feel refreshed after being totally equipped last week. During Maverick’s office tour, without hesitation they came over to the associates’ desk, asking for name cards, and starting a conversation about PR practice in many different areas… and whenever we said something ‘touchy’ or ‘sweet’, all of a sudden they would go “OOOWWWHHH” –just like a choir, with affectionate expression upon their face. Cute, hehehe ...

Before we parted, Atmajaya students gave us a beautiful gift—a wooden statue of 2 individuals communicating with a ‘phone’ made from two empty cans connected by a string. The first thing Mbak Lita did when she arrived at the office this morning was to display the statue in our meeting room ☺ (We do hope that they love the Maverick's Snake&Ladder mousepad we gave them as well).

After the last photo-shoot with all Maverick’s associates at the terrace, and the students hopped in to their bus, we stood in the doorway, watching sadly as their bus drove off, and we went: “OOOWWWHHHH …. “ :(

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Maverick TV: Behind the Scenes

Looking at the photos above you must be thinking, “What are the Mavs up to NOW?”

Well, here’s a brief explanation… One of the services Maverick provides to its clients is Media Handling Skills Training. The workshop combines our knowledge of the local media as well as different elements that go into a successful interview.

The images shown above are ‘behind the scenes’ photos taken from our Media Handling Skills video production last Saturday. We managed to turn our office into a news room. We even called it the Maverick TV news room!

Yasha was the news anchor and Ri was the interviewee (a Corporate Affairs Head of PT XYZ that has planned to lay off its 500 workers). They were fantastic, even the production crew was impressed.

Playing news anchor was Yasha’s cup of tea, really… =)
Ri put on an exceptional performance, especially the part when she had to act bitchy. She was sooo natural! =p

This video will be used to equip the workshop participants with the necessary communications skills in dealing with the media, which includes voice modulation, framing of arguments and the psychology of human behavior.

With the assistance of Sakti Parantean and his team from fictionary, the final cut should be ready by early next week.

The Mavericks, I’ll let you know when we’re going to have the premier screening, ok! =)

Maverick's Click of the Week #1: Ngomongin Apa Aja

This week, we are officially launching the Maverick Click of the Week for those cool and informative journalist blogs.

The Clicks of the Week are nominated by the people at Maverick and picked by the Maverick blog committee. We believe that these blogs are worth highlighting and that you guys should also click and check em out.

For the first Click of The Week, we present you the blog of Sri Nanang Setiyono entitled: Ngomongin Apa Aja . Nanang is an Indo Pos journalist who has been on assignment in th Banten province for 4 months. Nanang was nominated by Hanny of Maverick, and here is Hanny's reason for nominating Nanang:
The title of this blog is NGOMONGIN APA AJA. I’m interested in the layout of this blog, because it’s really fresh and clean—and your eyes won’t get tired reading the postings. The title really reflects this blog, because Nanang writes about everything—about journalism, tourism, life, humor, movies, even short stories.

The most interesting post is the one where he relates mathematical theorem with journalism. A very intersting look into journalism from a different perspectives. On the other part of the blog, he also write about this movie called Shattered Glass, a movie about journalism—which sounds interesting, and probably we should watch it together :)
Nanang's most recent blog post is "Awas! Racun itu Bernama Amplop is his critique on the journalist profession in Indonesia, an occupation which he explained has only existed in Indonesia for less than a century.

Here's a nice quote from his posting:
Wartawan dan perusahaan media harus diyakinkan bahwa,
menerima amplop adalah meracuni pikiran.
Perhaps media companies should also select better candidates for their journalist candidates, train them periodically, and pay them more in salary...

Monday, November 13, 2006

BubuAwards v.05 Strikes Back

Ever heard of the term BubuAwards? Yes, for most of us, it’s a funny word. But to those in the IT business, especially web design, I figure the term BubuAwards is very familiar indeed.

Well, to make things simple, BubuAwards is an award for Indonesian websites. Like most other awards, there are a number of categories in this award. For this year’s BubuAwards v.05, as an example, there are the corporate, student, and individual categories.

Like in previous years, BubuAwards come to contest websites of Indonesian based companies/organizations in various fields and industries in the corporate category. In this arena, the contestants can join in by registering their corporate sites from September 28 to November 3, 2006.

Well, I guess now is a bit late to fight for the corporate contest. But, have no fear as the student and individual categories is coming soon.

FYI, the judgment criteria are based on graphics and layout, content, usability and technology. As for the judges, well-known names are queuing up to mark the contestants.

Well, for further information and the simple, easy registration on BubuAwards v.5, just visit

Friday, November 10, 2006

The explanation from SCTV on their alleged Sumanto "kidnapping"

Last week, some of our friends received what seems to be SCTV's reply to the complaint e-mail that was circulating in major media-communications mailing lists. This email doesn't look very official, but so far it's been the only SCTV argument regarding the allegation of unethical practice.

Do read this letter until the end, and tell us what you think. It looks TV7-Trans and SCTV should really resolve this issue soon, or this could turn out to be a good sub-story line for the sequel of "ANCHORMAN".

SCTV: Klarifikasi Soal Sumanto

Kami telah mengangkat soal keluarnya Sumanto dari penjara dan penolakan warga desa Plumutan dan keluarganya pada Derap Hukum edisi Jumat, 20 Oktober 2006. Selama hampir seminggu reporter Derap Hukum menemui Sumanto untuk melakukan wawancara, karenanya reporter kami cukup mengenal Sumanto.

Pada hari Minggu 29 Oktober 2006 reporter Derap Hukum yang sama, kami kirim ke Panti Rehabilitas An-Nur di Purbalingga, tempat Sumanto ditampung. Namun tugasnya kali ini bukan untuk Derap Hukum tapi mengisi di program Bayu di Liputan6 pagi, yang telah direncanakan seminggu sebelumnya. Kami menganggap sosok Sumanto setelah keluar dari penjara dan tidak pulang kampung masih layak untuk diketahui. Rencana awal, tim kami harus membawa sumanto ke studio SCTV Jakarta.

Di Purbalingga, masih di hari minggu 29 Oktober 2006 ada kabar kalau Sumanto dan Pak H. Supono diajak TV7 ke Jakarta untuk Kupas Tuntas. Reaksi kami saat itu, ya sudah, kami tidak akan mengganggu acara sumanto di Kupas Tuntas TV7. Seusai acara Kupas Tuntas TV7, selasa sekitar jam 01.00 wib tim kami menghubungi kembali Pak Supono dan menanyakan apakah bisa tampil di studio SCTV. Saat itu Pak Supono menjawab bisa dan memberitahu dimana mereka menginap. Esok paginya, tim Derap Hukum yang telah dikenal Sumanto dan Pak H. Supono Mustadjab di Purbalingga- lah yang menjemput mereka. Dengan demikian, baik Sumanto maupun Pak H. Supono Mustadjab sudah tahu bahwa yang menjemputnya adalah dari SCTV.

Kami tidak pernah mengatasnamakan Kupas Tuntas pada saat negosiasi dengan pak H. Supono Mustadjab. Artiya apa? Artinya tidak ada pelanggaran etika di sini. Perlu diingat, kami langsung berhubungan dengan nara sumber utuk meminta kesediaanya menjadi tamu setelah ia tampil di program Kupas Tuntas TV7. dan yang bersangkutan menyatakan kesediaannya. Jadi, kalau kami menjemput Sumanto dan Pak H. Supono di Hotel, itu karena sudah ada janji sebelumnya dengan yang bersangkutan. Dengan demikian, tidak benar kami menculik mereka!!

Apakah untuk itu kami harus meminta izin lagi ke pihak Kupas Tuntas bahwa kami akan mengundang tamu yang baru tampil diprogramnya? Kami rasa tidak begitu cara kerja yang benar. Karena Kupas Tuntas bukan Manager Sumanto dan Pak H. Supono yang bisa mengatur kepada siapa Sumanto dan Pak Ustad harus menerima wawancara.

Setelah Sumanto tampil di program Bayu di liputan 6 pagi. Melalui telepon kami berhubungan dengan pihak Kupas Tuntas TV7. Intinya pihak Kupas Tuntas TV7 meminta kami datang ke kantor TV7 untuk memberikan penjelasan. Kami menolak karena menurut kami TV7 bukan atasan kami dan juga tidak ada masalah yang harus dijelaskan. Lagi pula kami telah menjelaskannya via telepon.

Namun begitu, kami masih menawarkan pertemuan di tempat lain, bukan di TV7, waktu itu kami tawarkan untuk bertemu di hotel tempat Sumanto menginap. Tapi pihak TV7 menolaknya. Jadi penjelasan telah kami berikan, tidak ada hubungannya dengan pemred kami yang sedang di Eropa.

Anda menuduh kami memanfaatkan keluguan Pak H. Supono Mustadjab?! Darimana anda tahu bahwa beliau lugu? Jangan-jangan beliau lebih cerdas dari anda?

Demikian penjelasan kami. Terima kasih.

Insan Kamil Produser Program Bayu di Liputan6 pagi
TELP : 021-5225555
FAKS; 021-5220120

So Cute

The photo shows one of the child whose blood was taken during an anemia screening. To generate the blood, the nurse had to use a small needle, which stings a bit.

The screening took place during a program called “Prevent Anemia with Posyandu,” which was sponsored by the International Pharmaceuticals Manufactures Group (IPMG) in collaboration with Yayasan Kusuma Buana (YKB) to commemorate the 42nd National Health Day. The one-year-program for 25 Posyandu throughout Jakarta will provide anemia screenings, promote healthy lifestyle, and distribute anemia medicines for free. The kick off itself took place on November 9, 2006 in Klinik Keluarga Pisangan Baru, Matraman, Jakarta Timur.

Fortunately, his Hemoglobin (Hb) level was 11,8 -- considered to be normal since that the appropriate Hb level should be around 12, mine was 12,9. Imagine how'd he felt if it turned out that he were an anemie.

Friday, November 03, 2006

SCTV Snatched Flesh-eater Sumanto from TV7

I just got this in my email from a mailing list. The authenticity of this letter can be questioned, but my past experience in broadcast news has made me somehow believe that the following may be true (although written from TV7 's point of view). Yes, these popular "public figures" are hard to find, and I guess since Tommy Soeharto was not available to be invited for talk shows, their only hope was to get the other person who got out of prison this week.

Go ahead and read it yourself, and let's hope we get a statement from SCTV regarding this allegation:
Senang rasanya bisa mendatangkan Sumanto ke Jakarta untuk bisa tayang live di Kupas Tuntas TV 7, pada senin malam 30 Oktober kemarin. Meski hanya tayang 30 menit, namun perjuangan untuk mendatangkannya ke Jakarta, tidaklah semudah membalikkan telapak tangan.

Awalnya, pak H Supono Mustadjab, yang kini menampung Sumanto di Panti rehabilitasi mental dan narkoba miliknya sempat ragu bisa membawa Sumanto ke Jakarta, apalagi dengan menggunakan pesawat terbang. Karena kondisi Sumanto yang masih labil. Bahkan, Sabtu, 28 Oktober lalu saat baru tiba di panti, di desa bungkanel, karang anyar purbalingga, beberapa orang keluarga pak Pono, bahkan menolak Sumanto dibawa menggunakan pesawat terbang. Namun kami berhasil meyakinkan mereka, apalagi kami sudah membawa tiket untuk pak Pono dan Sumanto ke Jakarta.

Tapi masih ada syarat lain dari pak Pono, Sumanto harus kami pamitkan ke kampungnya. Minggu, 29 Oktober, kami mendatangi camat dan kepala desa Lumutan, untuk meminta ijin membawa Sumanto ke Jakarta. Karena Sumanto masih labil, kedua orang ini juga sempat mempertanyakan niatan kami. Namun saya meyakinkan mereka dengan cara menjadikan kami berdua sebagai jaminan, jika ada sesuatu yang terjadi selama di Jakarta.

Dan sebagai pengundang, sudah tentu Sumanto menjadi tanggung jawab kami, sejak ia meninggalkan panti menuju TV7 Jakarta, hingga tiba kembali dipanti.

Senin pagi, 30 Oktober, pukul 07.30 kami meninggalkan panti menuju semarang. Turut menyertai Sumanto H Supono, dan seorang tim medis, mas Ahmad. Kurang dari 6 jam perjalanan kami tiba di Bandara Ahmad Yani Semarang.

Disinilah kami mulai mengatur siasat untuk menaikkan Sumanto ke pesawat. Saya kemudian kordinasi dengan pihak bandara, dan juga dengan pihak Lion Air. Hasilnya, kami berlima diberikan tempat duduk dibaris paling belakang. Sejak tiba dibandara, hanya saya dan juru kamera Ferdy yang turun dari mobil, Sumanto dan rombongan tetap menunggu boarding di dalam mobil.

Saat boarding, pihak lion air menaikkan semua penumpang terlebih dahulu, baru kemudian kami menyusul, dengan dikawal petugas dari bandara, hingga tiba di dalam pesawat melalui tangga belakang.

Saya amat berterima kasih pada petugas bandara Ahmad Yani Semarang, dan pihak Lion Air yang banyak membantu.

Tiba di cengkareng, entah bagaimana kami telah ditunggu oleh banyak infotainment, di pintu keluar terminal 1A.

Melalui berbagai rintangan, akhirnya kami tiba di TV7, dan berhasil live Kupas Tuntas pukul 23.00. Namun perjuangan belum usai, Malam hari saat akan istirahat di Hotel Santika, Saya kembali melakukan semacam perjanjian dan kesepakatan dengan pihak hotel, agar kehadiran Sumanto tidak mengganggu tamu lain. Dan saya menjaminkan diri jika terjadi apa-apa. Bahkan saya dan manager hotel telah mengatur bagaiman jalur keluar masuk hotel bagi sumanto.

Sore tadi, setelah taping dengan good morning Trans Tv, Sumanto dan rombongan kami antar ke bandara, Soekarno Hatta, untuk kembali ke Purbalingga, via Jogja. Kali ini menggunkan maskapai Adam Air. Tiba di bandara, kembali saya berkordinasi dengan pihak adam air dan bandara, mengenai kronologi membawa sumanto naik ke pesawat. Sempat keluar beberapa opsi, mulai dari menaikkan lebih dulu sebelum penumpang lain boarding, hingga rencana menggunakan mobil langsung ke kaki tangga pesawat. Namun akhirnya kami menggunakan cara di semarang kemarin. (udah mirip pejabat aja yah?)

Saat semua penumpang adam air telah boarding, barulah kami merapat setelah menunggu didalam mobil di pelataran parkir, sekitar 1,5 jam. Turun dari mobil kami telah disambut security adam air dan security bandara sekitar 10 orang. Dan kami kemudian dikawal menuju pesawat melalui pintu C5.

Saya amat berterima kasih pada pihak adam air atas bantuannya, mengurus keberangkatan sumanto, termasuk pihak bandara yang banyak membantu. Dan saat tiba di Jogja pun tadi, mereka dijemput langsung oleh security adam air dari dalam pesawat. Mobil yang saya siapkan disanapun telah menjemput. Dan saat ini pukul 21.00 malam mereka dalam perjalanan menuju panti Purbalingga.

Ini saya tulis, bukan untuk pamer atau sombong, bisa membawa Sumanto ke Jakarta, untuk live. Saya yakin siapapun kru yang diutus pasti bisa membawanya. Tapi proses yang kami lalui untuk membawanya bagi saya tak ternilai harganya. Ini adalah pengalaman yang sangat luar biasa.

Namun ternyata ada pihak yang tidak memiliki etika, dan menganggap dirinya adalah bos dari kru kupas tuntas tv7, sehingga dengan seenak dengkulnya, senin subuh tadi dia menjemput Sumanto dan H Supono ke Hotel, dan membawanya ke studio SCTV, untuk live di liputan 6 pagi. Di acara baru yang dipandu Bayu.

Saya gak butuh sanjungan, tapi saya yang membawa Sumanto ke Jakarta, apa iya para petinggi di News SCTV, hingga penanggung jawab acara itu, tak beretika sopan santun? Selama di Jakarta, Sumanto adalah tanggung Jawab tim Kupas Tuntas TV7. Dan SCTV tidak menganggap hal itu, dan tanpa malu, tanpa pemberitahuan kepada kami membawa sumanto untuk live di studio mereka.

HEBAT, LUAR BIASA CULASNYA mereka. Dan saat kami meminta klarifikasi, sang pemred sedang di eropa, dan orang yang ditunjuk untuk bertanggung jawab hanya berkata “itukan biasa, apalagi kan udah live di kupas tuntas semalam”

BIASA??? Ternyata seperti itu budaya sebuah divisi NEWS SCTV??? Andai setelah live kupas tuntas selesai, Sumanto tak lagi menjadi tanggung jawab saya, SCTV mau mengundang dia live 24 jam pun silahkan, tapi dengan enaknya dia jemput, live, diantar kembali ke hotel. Apa mereka dari liputan 6 SCTV itu adalah dewa atau tuhan yang bisa berbuat sesuka hati. Persaingan boleh bung, tapi dengan cara yang cerdas, bukan cara culas mengambil narasumber orang lain, tanpa ada ijin sebelumnya.

Analogikan : dirumah anda ada tamu yang anda jemput untuk menginap, tapi saat anda tidur malam harinya, tamu itu saya bawa diam-diam? Apakah saya beretika??? Yah itulah NEWS SCTV. Yang sampai detik ini tidak berani memenuhi undangan kami untuk hadir di News Room TV 7, guna memberikan penjelasan, akan hal itu.

Dari hal ini saya yakin, kru SCTV memble, untuk mendatangkan langsung sumanto saja tak mampu, dan harus berbuat curang, culas dan menjijikkan.

Saya mengaku salah tak menjaga 24 jam di hotel, sehingga mereka dengan mudah datang. Dan dengan mudahnya kru SCTV menggunakan keluguan H Supono, sehingga bisa dibawa ke studio mereka. Hebat betul kru SCTV meyakinkan H Supono bahwa SCTV telah kordinasi dengan kami di Kupas Tuntas.

Wartawan infotainment saja menemui saya secara baik-baik minta waktu untuk bisa wawancara dengan sumanto tadi di parkiran bandara.

Saya tau SCTV sangat kaya, sehingga berapun biaya yang telah kami keluarkan untuk membawa Sumanto ke Jakarta, pasti mereka bisa keluarkan juga, bahkan mungkin lebih mewah, membawa Sumanto dengan Garuda, menginap di hotel bintang 5. Tapi bukan itu masalahnya. Mereka ternyata tak beretika. Dan apa NEWS SCTV bisa membayar semua proses yang kami lalui itu? Apa yang yang saya lakukan selama 4 hari sebagai proses menjemput Sumanto ke Jakarta, tak akan bisa dibayar oleh SCTV. Bahkan dengan ribuan maaf, atau miliaran rupiah.

Maju boleh bung, tapi dengan kaki sendiri. Kalau mau dengan kaki orang lain, yah potong aja kaki kalian.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Tiring Writing Competition for Journos

There are ways for clients to develop better relationships with journalists, and writing contests USED TO BE one of the more popular ones.

Many PR firms have continually submitted such proposal, including us. Recently a prospective client complained to us that they always get it and they're quite sick of it. Some journalists have talked to us about these and said that there's just too many writing contests, and the prizes are not too significant either. Soon, the trophy or plaque for the winners will just become those dusty items that will take up space on one's desk. One of the journalists say that he's more interested to participate if the grand prize was something in the form of a scholarship to study abroad for a Masters degree, for example.

Yet the point we're trying to make, especially for those who do what we do:

Stop recommending writing competitions to your clients!
When it's their idea, just say NO (in a nice client servicey way, that is).

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Good job Colonel Sanders!!

Its wonderful news for all KFC freaks around the world, especially for me who concern about healthy food. I always believe not every junk food is unhealthy… Hah, it's because I like KFC so much :P
As written in Yahoo News this morning, Colonel Sanders will stop using artificial fat out of its frying oil! Check the link here:
Phuiii…Will KFC Indonesia implements it soon? Oh, please do, so, I can eat KFC with less worry, nyam...nyam...
KFC for lunch, people?!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

More Trophy for Bisnis Indonesia's Journalist

The Mavericks congratulate Th. D. Wulandari of Bisnis Indonesia for her achievement in winning the 3rd place of Plangi Journalist Award 2006. This award is organized by The Plaza Semanggi, and it aims to acknowledge the amazing works of the Indonesian journalists. I read some of Wulan's writings about culinary - she is surely a fine writer!

Keep up the good work, gal!


It's very nice to find another resource or reference on our beloved city of Jakarta on the blogosphere. It's also nice to know that this blog is written by professionals (no, not the DKI Jakarta city officials) whose job is to find out everything about this city, with emphasis on lifestyle and entertainment, and also on some current issues like the monorail.

So, we'd like to welcome AREA magazine as they have emerged in the blogosphere, complete with the tagline "I AM JAKARTA".

AREA Magazine is a free Jakarta community magazine that has actually run for 3 years. In fact, the launch of their blog is also to celebrate this achievement. Why do I call it an achievement? Well, as you already know, after the SIUPP was no longer in effect, the number of publications in Indonesia went really high, much higher than the actual number of readers.

Free magazines are just one of the publications that seemed to have sprung up and filled the racks of coffee shops and restaurants, free for anyone to pick up, take home, and then totally forget about it.... because... well... it's free.

In its first edition in October 2004, AREA came out with 40 pages of what it called "the obsessive guide to jakarta's impulsive lifestyle and entertainment". I guess one of the first tasks of the owners is to prove to the public that setting up this magazine was not just an impulsive thing that they did.

Their move to go into the blogosphere is actually nice. I hope to find some useful information about my city in there. I am sure that soon when I google a topic or a place in Jakarta, that it’s most likely to show up in their page.

However, I'm actually quite bothered by the main page of the blog that looks like it's one whole magazine crammed into one space. That's just too much scrolling up and down effort. There's also a blog entry on recommendation for food joints in Tebet, which is one of the main columns of AREA print magazine, and is a copy of their September issue.

I think they should figure out what they wanna achieve through this blog. We hope they don't just copy paste everything from the magazine into webspace because that'll be redundant.

Another question is whether a blog is the right format that they wanna use (in this case, the friendliest for internet users). Do they really want to create conversations or do they just want to have an existence in the cyber world (just because everyone else is blogging)?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cakram Lost 2 journalists ...

Cakram advertising magazine lost 2 journalists this month.

Fajar F. Purba and Meindarti Wahyuningsih have left Cakram and hopping onto B&B magazine as reporters. B&B is already well-known as a magazine that mainly discusses public relations, marketing, and outdoor advertising.

A while back, Cakram's journalist Agung Harsya has also left this business magz to pursue his career as a sport journo in Indonesian edition of FourFourTwo magazine.

Hmm, does it means there are several empty positions ready to be filled in Cakram? :)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Point is FINALLY here! But where?

The Mavericks have long waited for the first edition of The Point, the newest English-language paper in Indonesia and it was finally out last Monday, 2 October 2006.

But was it? We were so curious about this newspaper so we really put our resources out there to obtain the first edition of this paper, yet this effort was to no avail... They were nowhere to be found at any newstands.

On Tuesday, Maverick's Ari called up The Point and specifically ask for it. The Point then took the initiative to send several copies of Monday and Tuesday's edition to the Maverick HQ. Apparently, the first editions of the paper are only distributed in "limited circulation", they claimed, which included just embassies and no newstands.

Well, we hope that The Point will grow to be an alternative English-language newspaper in Indonesia. But our questions are: Who's gonna read it? Will it just take parts of the pie off of The Jakarta Post?

What's your thought?

Introducing Little Rommy

Our Rommy Rustami retired early from the office yesterday because it was "time". I guess he's been anxious about it for weeks now, and he even shaved his head recently because of it.

When I woke up for Sahur earlier, I found an sms from a very proud father Rommy introducing his new born daughter named Pendar Ramadhani Anitya. She was born October 4, 2006 at 01:55am at the Hermina hospital in Jatinegara.

On behalf of the Mavericks, Congratulations Rommy!

I guess we'll be visiting them soon and post some pictures here.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Telapak E.I. - Environmental Investigators

Hidden cameras, undercover work, kidnapping, attempted murder… in the jungles of Kalimantan. This sounds like Hollywood, but it is the real life story of the guys of TELAPAK.

Created in the mid-90s, they started out as nature-trekkers/environmental activists who wanted to do more for mother nature. So they set up an organization that sets out to uncover the evils of men who rob nature (and the country) of its resources.

This is what M. Yayat from TELAPAK shared with us last Friday during our sharing session. He went on and told us about an incident when the Director of Telapak was captured and detained in Central Kalimantan. TELAPAK chartered a Fokker plane from Jakarta to go and extract the kidnapped director, but as the plane was getting near the airstrip, they were told by air traffic controller to turn around. They couldn't believe the last minute order, and as they proceeded with the final approach, they found that the whole airstrip was pitch black. No lights whatsover. They were circling around above the Kalimantan forest for a while before finally landing at a nearby airstrip. TELAPAK believe that the kidnapping, and also the airstrip incident was the work of the biggest illegal logger in the area, who makes so much money out of his illicit business that he owns the region, the political parties, the authorities, and whoever would take his money.

Working for TELAPAK is certainly no easy task. Your life could be constantly in danger. One of the reasons that M. Yayat himself has recently been working in HQ, is that after his recent investigation and findings in Papua he's been a wanted man by the mafia and their cronies there.

One of our questions was whether the evidence that TELAPAK collected are submitted submissable in court, since most of them were obtained either illegally (by trespassing, using fake ID and papers, etc). Yayat said that law enforcers have so far been less interested in how the evidence are gathered. This gets us worried because as these evidence are obtained illegaly, then perhaps those who are incriminated by the evidence can get away with... perhaps smarter lawyers and paying off more people?

Friday, September 29, 2006

Kontan Tabloid, Kontan Newspaper

Just to add on Awie’s recent posting about KONTAN’s 10th anniversary…

We also heard that KONTAN is going to publish a daily newspaper under the same name starting February 2007. And yes, this is confirmed because it was Pak Yopie himself who brought up the news.

Let’s just hope that the plan goes as scheduled, unlike err... The Point who has missed its deadline again and again, as Unspun wrote.

The Maverick Blog got people sweating... just a bit

Several weeks ago, a Maverick blogger wrote about how a major media group is planning to buy one of the very few surviving lifestyle & entertainment portal in Indonesia after receiving the information from an insider.

Earlier this week, she received a prank call... (well, she actually got a very polite call from her source, but that's not too juicy, is it?) asking her to remove the posting from our blog, because it was causing a rather uncomfortable situation for some parties.

The source explained, that the man from the media group (who has the same initial as Steven Spielberg's film in the early 80s about some alien creature) became uneasy after he was asked by a journalist regarding the takeover plan. When he asked the journalist for the source of the inquiry, then the journalist mentioned (drum roll please.... ) The Maverick Blog.

So, we've taken out the posting "temporarily", as the source said that these days are the crucial days in negotiations, and that the posting would somehow affect it. I assure you that it will back once an announcement is made.

We certainly hope that the move will benefit the portal and revive it to full potential. And to the man from the media group: Relax, mate... it's just a blog.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

KONTAN BBQ a la Yopie Hidayat

It was a simple barbeque party in the parking place. The editor in chief himself, Mr. Yopie Hidayat who loves fishing so much, took the liberty to grill the fish he caught a couple of days before. And the evening was so warm that some reporters started to play the guitar and sang.

But who would have known that it was the 10th anniversary party of the weekly economic and business tabloid, KONTAN.

As an easy reading tabloid, KONTAN presents a micro and macro economics analysis of the current issues on local and foreign development. For some, KONTAN is said to be a brief yet complete tabloid. Brief in a sense that the content is portrayed directly with no delay in vague descriptions and ambiguous explanations as most economic newspaper and magazines do.

The tabloid presents economics issues plus economists perspectives and predictions in a complete way that non-economist readers would have no need to search for further readings, unless they have special reasons of course. An issue, oftentimes, is displayed by focusing on the impact to the Indonesian economy in the near future.

As for myself, I see KONTAN as friendly both in writing and in the people behind it. Readers from any backgrounds would have the privilege to enjoy the light, sometimes humorous language. Then, if one also has the privilege to meet those behind it, I would never have to explain what I mean by friendly is.

Happy 10th anniversary to a dear friend, KONTAN!