Friday, March 02, 2007

Budi Putra is no longer in Tempo

Budi Putra, a journalist of Tempo, has no longer worked in the publication. He decided to become an independent writer, specializes in issues on technology for printed and online media abroad.

"I learned a lot during my five years in Tempo", he says. "Now is the time for me to move ahead and realize two of my passions, which are to be an independent writer and a full time blogger".

A full time blogger? "Yes, why not? We need someone who is brave enough to declare him/herself as a full-time blogger", he says. Blog is a new communication tool and sooner or later will become more powerful. "I want to encourage Indonesians to take part in the development of this new tool".

"Apart from that, now I have more time to enjoy life. FYI, now I'm in Bandung, enjoying a lovely afternoon with my family", he says. Oowwwhh.. that's so nice. I envy you, mas Budi! :)

Although now he's no longer with Tempo, he will still be a contributor for Tempo's blog. He's also actively blogging at CNET Asia, Asia Tech, 3GWeek, The Gadget, Blog Jurnalisme and Indonesia Tech.

Good luck, Mas Budi. All the best for you yaaah!! :) And please, since now you have more free time, come and visit us at the orange house! ;)

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