Friday, September 15, 2006

Media Info: 25 New Journalists in Seputar Indonesia

This week, Seputar Indonesia daily newspaper recruited 25 new journalists! These new journalists are all fresh graduates from different majors of several universities in Indonesia.

Why would they need new journalists? Apparently, Seputar Indonesia is planning to increase the numbers of pages to its publication. Currently, it has 40 pages and soon it will become 44 pages. The additional pages will cover hard news: politics and economics. So, readers could enjoy 20 pages of hard news!

When Maverick visited SINDO's office last year, the Editor In Chief Sururi Alfaruq said that Seputar Indonesia would focus more on lifestyle and feature articles. So, why did they decide to increase their hard news pages?

Hmm.. that's the big question. Will the newspaper that owned by the Media Nusantara Group change their main focus?

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