Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Faces in Maverick

Maverick welcomes three new associates today, its first day of operation in 2007. They are Tuhu Nugraha, Dorte Luedecke and Mersa Siswowaluyo.

Tuhu is a graduate of Padjadjaran University majoring in International Relations, and continued his Master’s degree on Management at Gadjah Mada University. As a student Tuhu was active as a coordinator of various student activities and won several prizes in debates and speech contests. He is also the Chairman of Smart Corner Club MM GMU, a live weekly radio talkshow discussing a variety of business topics.

Born in Germany, Dorte got her BA degree in Media and Communications at the University of Melbourne, Australia after completing her IB diploma in Jakarta. In Australia, she interned at the Melbourne Fringe Festival and worked on a TV pilot program. Fascinated by Indonesia’s culture, politics and media, she returned to Jakarta in April 2006 to see what it’s like to work here. Since then she has worked as an Event Consultant in corporate and government events such as the Balikpapan Expo ’06 and the Indonesia Infrastructure 2006 – Conference and Exhibition.

Mersa is a familiar face in Maverick, as he’s been working in the media tracking division, before joining the consultancy side. Mersa holds a BA degree in Economics from Western Michigan University and is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Business Law at Universitas Padjadjaran. Before joining Maverick he had a wide range of employment experiences, that range from being a resident assistant, a luxury car salesman, and a freelance marketing consultant for several domestic mining companies.

The three of them are eager and excited to start their career in Maverick. Or as Dorte put it, “Maverick is well known in the PR circle and it made me curious to find out what it is that makes Maverick, Maverick,” Mersa, who’s been around Maverick for four months may have the answer. He said, “I felt Maverick was a good choice for me to be part of, mainly due to their no non-sense approach towards business and their result oriented culture that get things done when and where it is needed.“

Well guys, we are as excited as you are to roll out the new year with kick ass work. And for that, we have assembled an eclectic and complementary mix of talents like you are. More importantly, we put our heart and soul in doing our job, and that what makes Maverick, Maverick.

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