Friday, March 23, 2007

Click Of The Week: Stania's Blog: This is not my life story

We're already know that radio journalism is quite differ from print media journalism. That's including the person behind it. But when it comes to blogging, it's hard to differentiate between those two.
Take a look for this blog for an instance. In a glance, maybe you would think that she is a journalist for print media, by the way she writes. But actually, she's a radio journalist for Kantor Berita Radio 68-H.
I would say that her writings or posting are somewhat intellectual yet playful. She can really underline or stressed out her point of view yet expressed carefully and successfully ; that it doesn't sound offending. Stania seems to always want to make sure whoever gets to read her blog can easily grasp the real message she wants to deliver. Something that all print media journalist are trying to do everyday, aren't they?
As she describe on her blog's title, the blog is not about her life story; it's HER story.
So mainly, her posting are based on what she experiences, feels and sees which she turns into stories. Errrr maybe Stania itself can explain it more clearly...
Her writings are very expressive that even halfway reading her postings, we can tell how she is not afraid to speak her mind. That's part of the reason why we chose her blog to be the click of the week for this week. An addition to that, this is the first radio journalist's blog selected by Maverick.
Why don't you take look at her posting: Tentang Remeh Temeh dan Omong Kosong and tell us what you think?
Congratulation Stania!


stania said...

Waahh.. guys... thank you for your appreciation :)
By the way, I'm no longer working for KBR 68H anymore. I'm now finishing my study at American Studies Graduate Program, Universitas Indonesia.

Olly said...

Hohoho..Nice review..Is there any chance that you can click on mine and drop by?

Thx a bunch! -Olly-