Monday, March 12, 2007

Nokia Got It Right!

This is how Nokia translates the term of customer satisfaction and shifting it into customer loyalty:

About a week ago, I had this problem with my Nokia N73. The message 'memory low, delete some data' kept blinking on the screen, though I had deleted all data I stored in my phone memory. Based on my past experiences, answers to almost all questions can be found in the net. So I went googling instead, and found out that there were lots of Nokia users in all part of the world are actually having the same problem. Unfortunately, there were no solutions to this problem yet.

Since I needed my phone badly, in despair, I contacted Mr. Hasan Aula, General Manager of Nokia Indonesia, and told him about the problem I was having. I also gave him links to several posts and discussions on the net mentioning this memory-low issue.

The response was immediate.

Pak Agus from Nokia called me up not long after. He apologized for what had happened to my N73 and said that Nokia would pick up my phone the next morning and had it fixed. Pak Agus also told me how thankful he was for having being informed about this problem. He said the links I inserted in my email was very useful.

To add up to that, he was kind enough to ask me whether I have another cell phone to use while mine was being fixed! So, the problem solved, they fixed my phone, and I think I have become a more loyal user of Nokia!

I was impressed with this response. It is important for a company to give immediate response to their customer’s complaints, and handle it professionally. Nokia have shown they’re level as one of the leading cell phone manufacturer in the world by providing this excellent service. And it will be a whole lot better if Nokia could sign up to these Nokia users’ communities in the Net and respond to complaints and questions posted there.

Most of the times, when you get access to ‘higher-level’ officials in a company, it is more certain that you’ll get a faster response. I think it happens in most companies.

The problem now is to make sure that when your customer have complaints, they knew where or to whom they could complain to, and the person who receives their complaints could make immediate decisions and take necessary actions.

Came to think about it, I think companies will perform much better if their ‘higher-level’ officials become the ones who receive complaints—probably by launching a blog? Therefore customers will be able to interact directly with the board of directors, even CEOs!

Since the power is shifting now …


Yasha said...

Hanny, I believe most electronic devices will have some errors when the users take too many pictures of themselves in countless poses and expressions.


hanny said...

Yasha!!! Hehehe *flying kick*

bulan said...

dont you think that also because you contact with GM of Nokia? :)

i mean, in my opinion, if you contact to the customer sevice department, will you have similiar service ?

hanny said...

Yes, bulan, you probably got a point. I also stated the same thought in my posting:

"Most of the times, when you get access to ‘higher-level’ officials in a company, it is more certain that you’ll get a faster response."

Anybody have an experience dealing with nokia cust service dept?

VORN said...

Mobilepedia - Nokia Mobile Phones Reviews on my blog:

Eka said...

Do you have the contact point for pak Hasan Aula?? I'm having a problem with my N73 also and really upset with Global Teleshop's way of handling. thank you