Tuesday, June 27, 2006

BBC Jakarta New Correspondent

Welcome to Indonesia Lucy Williamson.

Lucy just arrived from London on Monday last week, replacing Rachel Harvey who’s now back in London doing grown up reporting for BBC Domestic TV. A little tip about Indonesia, it’ll be useful after you finish your Bahasa Indonesia course in Yogya. Things might be too calm and almost boring here at some points but never lose your guard, cause when you least expecting it a mountain might suddenly decide to erupt or the sea might want to take a too closer look at the land and take people for a violent swim in the process.

Well those are the clear examples. There is also daily confusing news you’ll have to deal with, like…. police caught someone related to terrorism: is he a suspect or just a witness, is he detained or arrested is he even dead or alive…you’ll see.

Surely you will have lots of fun here. At least we have 13.776 beautiful islands for you to travel (some underwater during high tide) and about thousand gazillion people who care about everything and nothing at the same time.

Good Luck and see you around


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