Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Maverick 4th Anniversary

On June 2002, Maverick was born with just 6 personnel on board. Four years had passed and Maverick has succeeded to grow bigger, stronger and crawling its path to be a foremost PR firm in Indonesia.

Each year, we celebrate our anniversary with a conventional client gathering, which doesn’t sound too Mavericky, but since we’re in the people business, then getting our partners together in these occasions seem appropriate enough.

This year, on our 4th anniversary, we decided to do something else: Send COFFEE to our clients; 4 bags of fine coffee from Java, Toraja, Aceh, and Flores.

Why coffee? The philosophy is that choosing the right Public Relations firm for you is very much like picking out great coffee beans.

You start by trusting your instinct; using smell and sight. Pick the freshest beans that suit your taste, perhaps a local variety that is sought international due to its quality.

This month we celebrate Maverick’s fourth anniversary and we want to thank our clients, business partners and the media for your continuous support. We hope that this rewarding relationship will continue to grow as Maverick moves beyond its fourth year.

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