Monday, June 12, 2006

Maverick in Sindo

Maverick was featured again in a local newspaper. This time it's in Seputar Indonesia on Saturday, June 10, 2006. Evi Agustin, the Sindo journalist, wrote a clear potrayal of what Maverick is really about as a PR consultancy. I don't think most people understand what we as PR consultants really do for our clients. This article will help to enlighten you.

Evi wrote in her intro, "Unlike most of the other PR consultancies, which only specialize on media relation, Maverick is there as a part of the overall business strategy of a company [their clients]." This statement is true because media relation is only a small part of PR. Most people still under the assumption that PR is merely media relations. Many PR consultancies encourage this misconception by only having capabilities in media relations.

However, in Maverick, we dip our feet deeper beyond the surface and specialize in strategic counsel. We are usually involved from the point of translating a company's business strategy into a communication strategy to obtaining its communication objectives through well planned activities. By this, we provide our client with "Clear thinking, Clean Execution."

Thank you Evi for the very well written article.

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