Thursday, July 27, 2006

From Cakram to FourFourTwo

The Mavericks used to know Agung Harsya as a young journalist in Cakram business magazine. Well, apparently, Agung has moved to a literally "greener" field, since he is now a reporter in Indonesian Edition of FourFourTwo* soccer magazine!


If you came over to Agung's blog, A Platonic World, it is obvious that Agung is really into soccer. In his posting entitled "Sepakbolahawe", Agung told us about his long lost love: yes, soccer!

His love to this particular sport have made him once promised, that soccer will no longer act merely as a game to kill time. Not to mention that Agung cherishes this sentimental memories as a child; listening to his grandpa telling stories about soccer. Surprisingly, as time went by, Agung found out that his interest in soccer has gradually decreased. He even started to think that soccer will never become his future.

An Invisible Hand, however, has brought soccer back into Agung's life. He finally reunited with his long lost love once again, through his new job in FourFourTwo magazine. Hey, it seems like somehow you have kept your promise, Gung! :)

Good luck with your new carreer--and keep score!

*FourFourTwo is published under the Velvet Silver Group that becomes famous for publishing Playboy magazine

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