Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tempo Magazine on Blogging ...

On its 6th of August edition, Majalah Tempo published several in-depth articles about (here we go again): BLOG!

The articles were placed in a special column called "Selingan" and consists of more than 6 pages about blog, bloggers, and blogging. The articles reveal the vast majority of bloggers--especially Indonesian bloggers, that strikes the blogosphere. According to the article, blog has also becoming a relevant and reliable source of information in our world today, keeping up with conventional media.

Several prominent bloggers are being highlighted in the articles, such as Fatih Syuhud, Enda Nasution, and Rovicky Dwi Putrohari. Rovicky is well-known for his blog about geology and disaster. He has a special ability to explain complicated process of earthquake and tsunami in a very decent way, that it makes sense and understandable even for those who has no interest in geology.

The 'blog' articles published in Majalah Tempo are written by Sapto Pradityo, Cahyo Junaedy, Tulus Wijanarko, and Budi Putra.

Amongst these journalists, Budi Putra as a tech editor stands out for his blog called Asia Tech Weblog: Blogging the Future.

His blog is mainly discuss about technology and the internet, but he's also posting several mainstream issues along the way.

Budi Putra has also published 2 books, Planet Internet: Jaringan Pintar yang Mengubah Dunia and Planet Seluler: Ketika Teknologi Bergerak Mengubah Hidup Kita.

Congratulations for Majalah Tempo and its journos for they have directed public's eyes into the blogosphere!


Budi Putra said...

Thanks you, Maverick, for your appreciation on Tempo's articles about blogs and blogging.

Let's blog the future!


Budi Putra

hanny said...

Thanks for bringing up the issue at the first place :)