Monday, August 07, 2006

Happy 12th Anniversary to Aliansi Jurnalis Independen

AJI (Independent Journalist Alliance) is celebrating its 12 anniversary today. However, the reception will be held on 11 August 2006.
In celebrating its anniversary, AJI always comes up with different theme each year. This year’s theme is “Media and Diversities”.

To celebrate its anniversary, AJI is conducting series of activities. If you’re interested, you could come and join some of the events below:

7 August 2006
10am at Teater Utan Kayu – Jakarta: Discussion, themed “Media and Intolerance”
Speakers: Syaiful Mujani, Director of LSI (Lembaga Survey Indonesia); Jalaludin Rakhmat, a communications expert and Moslem scholars; Musdah Mulia, activist

1pm – 6pm at Teater Utan Kayu – Jakarta: Documentary movies “Black September” and “Inside Indonesia’s War on Terror”

10 August 2006
10am at Hotel Cemara – Jakarta: Discussion on how the private sectors and the media could benefit each other.
The discussion will address the issues of bribery, code of ethics in journalism, how to create a newsworthy story for the media, how to deal with the media, how to solve conflict with the media when it occurs.
It will be useful for the corporations to create a better understanding on the characters of the media.
Speakers: Effendi Ghazali, the Chairman of AJI Heru Hendratmoko and a representative from PT HM Sampoerna Tbk

Press Conference on Udin Award and Tasrif Award
Udin Award is an award for a journalist who became a victim of violence because of its commitment, loyalty, integrity and dedication in doing his tasks.
Tasrif Award is an award for a person/group who has been helping the media in revealing the truth behind injustice cases in society.
The panel of judges for these awards are Butet Kertaredjasa; Endi Bayuni, The Editor in Chief of The Jakarta Post and Kemala Candra Kirana from Komnas Perempuan

11 August 2006
7pm at Hotel Santika, Slipi – Jakarta: Reception
A movie on history of AJI, announcement of the Enemy of the Freedom of Press (each year AJI chooses one institution who tries to block press freedom), announcement of Udin Award and Tasrif Award’s winners, announcement of the best journalists from printed media and TV will be some of the agendas of the reception.
Slamet Gundono will also perform on the reception to entertain the guests with his “gambus” instrument.

Why did AJI choose “Media and Diversity” as its theme this year?
Andy Budiman, Ketua Panitia HUT AJI ke-12, said that there were lots of problems nowadays caused by intolerance in the society. The level of intolerance was increasing, thus it needed to be eliminated. AJI wanted to share its concern to the public, specifically to the media.
Ulin Ni’am Yusron, the sub-committee head of the labor union affairs of AJI, said, “Until now, several media still created such news that could escalate the conflict in Indonesia, rather than reducing it. The media should have been a place where all different colors in the society were harmonized. They shouldn’t provoke and maintain the conflict. They should’ve helped the public to reduce the conflict”.

“The media should give a chance to voiceless people to be able to talk. So, not only those powerful people who are always talk in the media, but also the voiceless ones”, Ulin added.

“Do you think this year’s theme will bring any change to the media industry?”
Ulin added, “For sure it will bring awareness in the media. However, awareness isn’t enough. It has to be applied. But yeah.. at least AJI refresh the commitment of the media, which is very important, because nowadays we live in a such highly competitive industrialized world and someone has to remind us [the media, red] to stay neutral and objective”.

Well.. all the best, AJI and Happy 12th Anniversary to all AJI’s members! Wish AJI will be more solid and can bring a positive change in the media industry :).

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