Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Away Day To Puncak

This is my maiden post for my new company’s blog. And what could be a better post than a "wild" weekend going-out on a semi-holiday with your office-mate in just my first month? Rather than write something serious, I prefer to post about our week-end Puncak last week.

This Away Day, is a routine annual office-activity on a weekend (I guess), and this time we went to the Novus resort in Puncak, West Java.

We departed on Friday morning, while most of people in Jakarta still queuing in traffic-jam and mumbling a powerful spell: Thank God it’s Friday.
Just like other ordinary office-meeting-holiday, we mixed pleasure and work in this Away Day. Yes, there’s a swimming pool, spacious room for just playing a card-completed with strange movement from card-players, enough time to stay awake until morning dawn, hang-out place with street-singer, and of course a nice comfortable bed and a thin blanket in the middle of freezing atmosphere.
But let me point out, this is an office-meeting holiday. So there’s also a series internal-meeting that we have to attend. Even if I have to compare it to daily meetings, I still comment “Hey, it’s just an ordinary chit-chat while we’re hang-out for lunch, no more or less…”
Did I mention that in Maverick we’ve tried to be balance? Its fun to be serious and seriously having fun eh?
Through this event, we’ve tried to F5 (refresh) our company’s vision and values, in the fun way of course, thanks to Ariono and Riri as well as everyone else who made this event possible.
Finally, we’ve arrived back to Jakarta on Saturday afternoon, so we still have enough time to spend our weekend.

And here's a little peek on some of the things that I did on our away day

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