Monday, August 07, 2006

Trans TV To Take Over 49% Shares Of TV7

Last Friday late afternoon, KCM released the news that TV7 of the KKG (Kompas Gramedia Group) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Trans TV for a strategic partnership. Under this partnership, Trans TV now owns 49% of TV7, leaving TV7 with a slightly bigger shares of 51%.

Personally, despite that they are following the trend of showing a lot of infotainment program (they have at least 7 different programs a week), I think TV7 has quite a number of good inhouse program, Jejak Petualang for one. But then again, everybody knows that good programs do not necessarily followed by high rating, and vice-versa.

So what does the business deal between TV7 and Trans TV mean for the viewers? Are we going to get better TV programs? Let’s see whether those TV station owners really think about what’s good for their most important stakeholders, that is the viewers and not the advertisers.

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