Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Atmajaya Yogyakarta Students' Visit: "OOOWWWHHH ... "

A sweet and cute “OOOWWWHHH …. “ resonated in the great halls of Maverick’s Orange House yesterday afternoon, as more than 20 communications students from Atmajaya University, Jogjakarta, came over to visit Maverick as a part of their study trip program.

We were so happy to have Atmajaya students in our office (being around young people made us all feel a bit younger ;p), taking them for a short-tour around the Orange House and take a peek on what it is like to be a Maverick.

During a small talk in our meeting room, the students asked lots of questions about PR practice enthusiastically—mainly about Maverick’s specialty in crisis and issues management. Seeing how attentively they were to what is being presented by Maverick’s partners (Ong and Mbak Lita) and watching how impatient they were for becoming PR practitioners … was just overwhelming! ☺

Not to mention that Atmajaya students have a very cheerful and effervescent personality that made us all feel refreshed after being totally equipped last week. During Maverick’s office tour, without hesitation they came over to the associates’ desk, asking for name cards, and starting a conversation about PR practice in many different areas… and whenever we said something ‘touchy’ or ‘sweet’, all of a sudden they would go “OOOWWWHHH” –just like a choir, with affectionate expression upon their face. Cute, hehehe ...

Before we parted, Atmajaya students gave us a beautiful gift—a wooden statue of 2 individuals communicating with a ‘phone’ made from two empty cans connected by a string. The first thing Mbak Lita did when she arrived at the office this morning was to display the statue in our meeting room ☺ (We do hope that they love the Maverick's Snake&Ladder mousepad we gave them as well).

After the last photo-shoot with all Maverick’s associates at the terrace, and the students hopped in to their bus, we stood in the doorway, watching sadly as their bus drove off, and we went: “OOOWWWHHHH …. “ :(