Monday, November 13, 2006

BubuAwards v.05 Strikes Back

Ever heard of the term BubuAwards? Yes, for most of us, it’s a funny word. But to those in the IT business, especially web design, I figure the term BubuAwards is very familiar indeed.

Well, to make things simple, BubuAwards is an award for Indonesian websites. Like most other awards, there are a number of categories in this award. For this year’s BubuAwards v.05, as an example, there are the corporate, student, and individual categories.

Like in previous years, BubuAwards come to contest websites of Indonesian based companies/organizations in various fields and industries in the corporate category. In this arena, the contestants can join in by registering their corporate sites from September 28 to November 3, 2006.

Well, I guess now is a bit late to fight for the corporate contest. But, have no fear as the student and individual categories is coming soon.

FYI, the judgment criteria are based on graphics and layout, content, usability and technology. As for the judges, well-known names are queuing up to mark the contestants.

Well, for further information and the simple, easy registration on BubuAwards v.5, just visit

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