Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Maverick TV: Behind the Scenes

Looking at the photos above you must be thinking, “What are the Mavs up to NOW?”

Well, here’s a brief explanation… One of the services Maverick provides to its clients is Media Handling Skills Training. The workshop combines our knowledge of the local media as well as different elements that go into a successful interview.

The images shown above are ‘behind the scenes’ photos taken from our Media Handling Skills video production last Saturday. We managed to turn our office into a news room. We even called it the Maverick TV news room!

Yasha was the news anchor and Ri was the interviewee (a Corporate Affairs Head of PT XYZ that has planned to lay off its 500 workers). They were fantastic, even the production crew was impressed.

Playing news anchor was Yasha’s cup of tea, really… =)
Ri put on an exceptional performance, especially the part when she had to act bitchy. She was sooo natural! =p

This video will be used to equip the workshop participants with the necessary communications skills in dealing with the media, which includes voice modulation, framing of arguments and the psychology of human behavior.

With the assistance of Sakti Parantean and his team from fictionary, the final cut should be ready by early next week.

The Mavericks, I’ll let you know when we’re going to have the premier screening, ok! =)