Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lativi got smacked down!

So, who's to blame on this “Smackdown” issue?

Well, most of us would blame Lativi, while the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) blames the Department of Communication and Informatics (Depkominfo).

It is easier for us to point fingers at Lativi. They are the one who were airing the program. They were the one who ignored KPI’s letter to move the time slot. It suits them good if they had suffer losses from this incident….

One simple way to smack Lativi is by signing an online petition. Some clausal, however, are not feasible while others need to be updated.

The first clausal states that Lativi must stop broadcasting such program. Well, for this matter, KPI have already given Lativi an administrative sanction. The sanction states that Lativi to stop broadcasting the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and all its extensions (Smackdown, Afterburn, Raw, Bottomline, Heat, Experience, and Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW)), as well as their on air promos. So, the first clausal has been responded well.

The second is urging KPI and Depkominfo to reevaluate the Broadcasting Law, especially on the law enforcement. This is a bit too much. The amendments of the Broadcasting Law is the parliament’s authority. It should be carried out by the House of Representatives 1st Commission, together with the government and industry. This is no small matter. There are too much political interests and economic stakes involved there. The Broadcasting Law itself is okay (nothing’s perfect). The problem lays with a series of Government Decree (PP) on Broadcasting, in this case No. 52 on Private Broadcasting Institution. The decree has transferred KPI’s authorities stated in the Broadcasting Law to Depkominfo, and thus taken away KPI’s authority in sanctioning TV stations. (Here's one reason why KPI loves Depkominfo so much.)

Next, urging the public to stop watching Lativi until there is a concrete act by the TV to stop broadcasting Smack Down. Is this another way of saying (and recommending) to watch our other TV stations? Anyway, I believe that Lativi is wise enough to stop the program by now. Petition granted.

In addition, number four, the last but not least, to urge all TV stations to reduce parents burden and responsibilities in teaching children by eliminating non-educative programs. Hm…. A while ago, while were discussing about media literacy, some friends argued that teenagers need to learn media literacy subject at school. I said NO, parents are in desperate need for media literacy!

Thus, I have one concrete, realistic recommendation should someone want to make another online petition: “Urging KPI, Depkominfo, and TV stations – together (for the best) or individually (at least) – to provide free Media Literacy courses.”

So, who's to blame on this “Smackdown” issue?

Let’s just stop pointing fingers… ;)

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