Tuesday, December 05, 2006

AAS 2006: Photo Category Finalists - Congrats!

The moment you've been waiting for: Finalists for AAS 2006 photojournalist category has been decided. It was not an easy decision for the judges as most entries are of high quality. There were no questions in terms of photography techniques. Most interestingly is the message behind the pictures. As they say, pictures speaks louder than words.

Here are the names of photojournalists that will compete in AAS 2006's Awarding Night in Surabaya! Congratulations for all finalists!

From sport subcategory, the AAS 2006 photo finalists are:
1. Afriadi Akmal from Behind The Screen magazine (Tired)
2. Sugeng from Jawa Pos (Suporter Apes)
3. Danu Kusworo from Kompas (Nonton Balap Sepeda)

From social subcategory, the AAS 2006 photo finalists are:
1. Crack Palinggi from Reuters (Kebakaran Hutan)
2. Raditya Helabumi from Kompas biro Jatim (Selamatkan Warga)
3. Lasti Kurnia from Kompas (Dunia Sekolah Anak Bajo)

From economy/business subcategory, the AAS 2006 photo finalists are:
1. Lucky Pransiska from Kompas (Antisipasi Kebutuhan LPG)
2. Hasiholan from Batak Post (Pengangguran Meningkat)

From art & music performance subcategory, the AAS 2006 photo finalists are:
1. Yudhi Sukmawijaya from Jurnal Nasional (Tarian Jalanan)
2. Boy Harjanto from Indo Pos (Dalang Suket)

For economy/business and art&music performance subcategory, the board of judges decided to select 2 finalists only. "Other photos are also of high quality, but the two chosen are so outstanding that it was really difficult to choose the third one,” Effendi Gazali and Oscar Motuloh shared the same opinion.

However, the photos in sport subcategory received two-thumbs up from the judges. "The finalists’ pictures portray the current condition of Indonesian sport—and this is what photojournalism is all about,” photography expert Oscar Motuloh said enthusiastically.

The above-mentioned finalists will be invited to AAS Awarding Night in Surabaya on December 15, 2006, where winners of all categories will be announced.

However, seeing these pictures below, would you like to make your lucky guess on who will the winners be?

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