Friday, December 01, 2006

The Walkley Awards

The Walkley Awards are the Australia's most prestigious journalist accolade. The Walkleys were established in 1956. Starting from five categories, today Walkleys has grown to more than 30 award categories involving printed media, radio and television.
Last night, the Walkleys announced the 2006 Walkley Awards winners in Melbourne. We'd like to congratulate our journalist friend, who has been living in Indonesia for the past 10 months for winning one of the Walkley Awards. Morgan Mellish, an Indonesia Correspondent for the Australian Financial Review won the Walkey Awards for the Business Journalism category. His article, titled "The Robert Gerard Tax Scandal", was nominated in two categories, which were Print News Report and Business Journalism. He told Maverick that he needed couple of months to investigate the scandal and wrote such a detailed article on the issue. Well, it looks like all the hard work actually pays off! Well done, Morgan! We should celebrate it when we see you in the next JFCC event! :)

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