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Anugerah Adiwarta Sampoerna 2006: The Winners!!!

Anugerah Adiwarta Sampoerna 2006 officially announced its first winners in an awarding night conducted in Grand Ballroom of Sheraton Hotel, Surabaya (Dec 15).

After Effendi Ghazali as AAS Board of Judges' representative presented AAS judges report, Butet Kertaradjasa performed two episodes of monologue about journalism that made all viewers laugh out loud.

But the creme-de-la-creme of the night was, of course, the winners announcement!

Indonesian jazz legend Bubi Chen and senior music journalist Bens Leo, hightened the tension as they climbed on stage to present the nominees for art & music performance category. And the winners are:

  • Hardnews: Adi Marsiela from Suara Pembaruan
  • Feature: Bambang Sulistyo from Gatra
  • Photo: Yudhi Sukmawijaya from Jurnal Nasional
The trophy was handed to all winners by Angky Camaro, Managing Director PT HM Sampoerna Tbk.

Award presenters for the sport category were Drs. Moh. Syadeli, 6 time consecutive Gold medalist in PON in wrestling, and Sumohadi Marsis, a senior sport journalist who are still active in KONI Pusat. The winners are:

  • Hardnews: Bastian Alkaf from Mata Banua - Banjarmasin
  • Feature: Adi Prinantyo from Kompas
  • Photo: Sugeng Deas from Jawa Pos
The trophy was given to all winners by Vice Mayor of Surabaya, Arif Affandi. Unfortunately, Adi Prinantyo from Kompas couldn't come and receive the trophy himself, since he's still on duty in Qatar.

For economy/business category, the nominees were presented by Efferin, M.Com.MA.PhD, Dean of Economic Faculty from Surabaya University, together with Raksaka Mahi, Expert Staff of Ministry of Treasury. And the winners are:

  • Hardnews: Rana Akbari Fitriawan from Tempo News Room
  • Feature: Heri Susanto from Majalah Tempo
However, the duo made a shocking announcement by telling the audience that there was no winner for photo category in economy/business. "Don't be dissapointed, hopefully we'll see the winner in this category next year," said Harsya Soebandriyo, the Master of Ceremony for that night.

The trophy for winners in this category was handed in by Andrew White, Director of PT HM Sampoerna Tbk.

The nominees for social category were presented by Bagong Suyanto, a sociologist from Airlangga University, and Abdisuryaningati, the Director of YAPPIKA. The winners are:
  • Hardnews: Adi Marsiela from Suara Pembaruan
  • Feature: Irawan Santoso from Forum
  • Photo: Raditya Helabumi from Kompas, East Java bureau
Adi Marsiela who had received a trophy for art & music performance category was shocked when his name got mentioned once more. He climbed the stage, with his hands covered up his face, and his eyes got teary as he received the trophy from President Director of PT HM Sampoerna Tbk., Martin G. King.

Nopiyanti from Nusa Bali, who was nominated for 4 categories in AAS 2006, did not receive a trophy that night. But she was already happy for becoming the most-nominated journalist in AAS 2006. "Aha, next year, I will submit 30-40 articles ... I will spend these upcoming months to write and write, and write," she said jokingly to Ipik Tanoyo from Bali Post.

Everyone who heard her laugh out loud.


After the show, all winners and the rest of the finalists celebrate their accomplishment. Bambang from Gatra and his folks left the hotel and went out clubbing--trying to find the hottest club in Surabaya. "You know, the club I went to last night? The music was weird," Bambang said the next morning with sleepy eyes.

While in Kawi Lounge at Sheraton's Hotel mezzanine floor, you could find Effendi Ghazali, Sumohadi Marsis, Angky Camaro, Butet Kertaradjasa, and Arif Affandi, having a small reunion over cups of coffee, while watching salsa band performance.

The clubbing effect made Hasiholaan from Antara and some of his friends got up late that morning, and missed the tour to Pasar Genteng. "Rommy (from Maverick) has rang us up on 7 am., and we did pick up the receiver, but I didn't know what happened next. Probably I fell asleep again right after that ... until Rommy called us back on 10. "

During the trip to House of Sampoerna, all finalists gave away their contact numbers and email address. "We have to keep in touch, AAS 2006 batch I," said Arif Kuswardono from Tempo.


Two guys. Journalists from two different media. Know nothing about each other, but then they found out that they’re actually neighbours!

This ‘heart-warming’ reunion (hehehe) happened between Josephus Primus from KCM and Arie M.P. Tamba from Jurnal Nasional in Juanda Airport, Gate 8—where all finalists of AAS 2006 were waiting for their GA flight back to Jakarta. This episode was just one of many touchy episodes happened during 3 days of AAS Awarding Night program.


Sure, we have to keep in touch! Just wait for the launch of AAS mailing list, ok ;p and see you there!!!

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