Thursday, December 14, 2006

Maverick's Click of the Week #5 : Budi Putra's The Gadget

The blogosphere is surely a communication medium that needs to be taken seriously, and certainly has been growing in such an amazing rate. This is also happening in Indonesia, and several Indonesian blogging icons have emerged since. One of them is Budi Putra, a senior IT editor of Koran Tempo and Tempo Interaktif, who has been one of the faces of Indonesia's blogging community. Budi Putra, a journalist who has written several books on IT, has also been interviewed by other media such the WSJ.

I am personally delighted with this development as the local blogging community has a figure to speak on behalf of them (from the IT perspective, for starters, as we know that blogging is about the endless variety of content that can be posted in it). And I guess we can't expect Roy Suryo to be talking in the media about all aspects of the IT world.

However, Budi Putra's thegadgetnet blog was nominated for our Click of the Week by Maverick's Irma who has extensively and regularly browsed the site. Here's what she said about Budi Putra's recent entry, about him being interview by WSJ and the BBC:
In this blog, BP simply writes about his experience of being interviewed by two foreign media : Wall Street Journal & BBC London. As we all know that one of the main task of a journalist’s duty is to interview those who has the source of news which definitely contain news value. But what’s different with this blog, BP shares his experience of how he feels to get interviewed.

I chose his blog because it is not just about IT and gadgets which BP mostly blogs about, but just a short story about one of his interesting experiences.

I think this story is both motivating for other journalists out there and they would consider BP as a good role model of an IT/Telecom journalist.
Congratulations, Mr Budi Putra!

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