Thursday, February 01, 2007

Maverick Click Of The Week: Satrio Arismunandar

How do you like to see what’s behind the journalist mind? Please read Satrio Arismunandar blog’s. His blog was chosen by Adwi. Why Adwi did choose the blog? Here’s his explanation:

Here’s someone I think very experienced, considering that he has work both in print and broadcast media. And one thing worth noted is that a skilled PR practitioner he is -- although oftentimes denying this fact. We are not, however, going comment on Satrio Arismunandar the person. The main focus here is Satrio Arismunandar ( the blog. “For the Eagles and True Traveler,” is the tagline, as well as the purpose of this blog, I suppose. The blog itself is fairly simple: it has no side bars which most bloggers out there competing to stamp on their blogs. From the lay out, readers might thought this is a dull one. The straightforward writers focus on the content. Here readers can find many sorts of writings from poems, short stories, articles, to tips and tricks. To quote the writer, “a creation without the any benefits, is a waste….”

I was a former journalist, and sometimes journalist cannot express what they feel and think about some case that they find on the field. They can’t just write about it and submitted their article to editor’s for tomorrow edition. There is some media policy that kind of chained the journalist creativity, especially in reporting some critical issues.

Anyway Satrio Arismunandar has found a way to express his thought and feeling: bloging.
Good job Mr. Arismunandar, it's always nice to 'see' you around mailing list.

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