Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Welcome to flood

Once again, our five-annually guest came to Jakarta: Flood. And it still amazed me what water can do to disrupt people in Jakarta.

I remember in 2002, when there’s also a heavy flood in Jakarta, many of my colleagues must take about three or five hours to get to the office. Usually they only take about half hour or at least one and half hours to get to the office.

This time, concern about the traffic in the street (I’m kind of a bad temper in the street….), I push my self to go to the office earlier. And it means that I have to take a bath before 05:00 p.m.

Flooding disaster this year, make me more amazed what water can do. And maybe it goes the same way with the government, they too amazed to the flood situation and they almost do nothing. (well, at least to some people…err…or to majority?)

I mean, this flooding disaster came every years, and it became worse every five years, and why government seem don’t have any plan about this? I remember that in the past two years, government always busy mumbling, even yelling, about busway project.

It doesn’t mean that busway project is not important, it is important. But do they realize about rainy season five-year cycle? Do they realize that they have to choose the priority for public?

That one thing, the other thing is:

I saw Bang Yos at the talkshow in Metro TV few days ago, sometimes in weekend if I’m not mistaken, he interviewed about flood disaster in Jakarta. One question from Metro TV announcer’s that still banging in my head is: “What government anticipation about flooding disaster this year?”

And Bang Yos answered: “Well, we distributed survival-boat more quickly, and develop more posko banjir, and distributed other survival-logistic faster….”


I thought ‘anticipation’ is some kind actions BEFORE something happen, not DURING the situation.

Well Bang Yos, maybe you need our juicy and fruitful Media Training Session.

note: photo was taken from corbis with keyword: flood in Jakarta.

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