Friday, February 16, 2007

PC Magazine Indonesia's last edition

PC Magazine Indonesia, a leading computer magazine that has been published since 2004, starting next month will be no longer available in the market. Svida Alisjahbana, Vice President Femina Group on the official announcement written in February edition explains that due to the shifted trend of reading source, Femina Group has to terminate the publishing. Here is her explanation:

“Perkembangan yang pesat dalam beberapa tahun terakhir telah mengubah Teknologi Informasi dari suatu bidang khusus menjadi gaya hidup yang diterima oleh semua golongan masyarakat… Melalui analisa dan pertimbangan mendalam, kami berpendapat sudah bukan masanya lagi untuk menyajikan perkembangan Teknologi Informasi dalam suatu majalah khusus. Dengan sangat menyesal kami sampaikan bahwa PC Magazine Indonesia edisi Februari 2007 merupakan edisi terakhir kami.”

Curious to know what is really happened behind it, I called up our journo friend in PC Magazine Indonesia. He admitted that Indonesian readers begin to rely on online media as their source to know “what’s on” in IT industry, and it’s interesting that online media has been considered as a reliable source.

When I asked him about the decreased number of PC Magazine Indonesia’s readers as the side effect of this trend, he said the number of reader remains stable, and even though the decrease would happen, it wouldn’t be a reason for Femina Group to stop publishes PC Magazine Indonesia.

Looking to other publication run by Femina Group that has their specific theme, such as Femina, FIT, Cita Cinta, Gadis, AyahBunda, Men’s Health, Reader’s Digest, Dewi, Pesona, Seventeen, and Parenting, is it mean that Femina Group want to combine IT information to these media? or Femina Group plans to publish another computer magazine online?

We’ll wait and see…or maybe Femina Group would answer these questions?


deriz said...

I guess increasing franchise fee that goes way beyond economic scale of the magazine's circulation as another factor. Check my blog at for another story of PC Magazine Indonesia.

Shisy Kozzy said...

That's exactly what I asked them, but apparently they won't say anything about this...
I've check your blog. Catchy title!
Kapan makan sushi lagi?
Kali ini ga pake buru-buru deh...